10+ Best Free VCCs Virtual Credit Card Providers India – 2020

Top Free VCCs Virtual Credit Card India - 2018 Updated
Top Free VCCs Virtual Credit Card India - 2018 Updated

There are many limits when you only have one credit or debit card with you. You will not be able to avail of 2020all the offers that sites offer you occasionally. Furthermore, there is also a transactional and withdrawal limit on all credit and debit cards associated with your bank account. If you do more transactions than the pre-specified free limit than you will be charged in the name of debit car maintenance charges by your bank. But this isn’t desired, right?

So there is a new concept of virtual credit card India. Virtual credit card India are the new approach for digital money. You can keep your money in wallets instead of bank accounts and use these virtual credit or debit cards just like the physical ones.

Ther are many shopping outlets and online deas which you can advantage if you access to multiple credit or debit cards. You will get more cashback and discount if you use these cards as most of them are directly connected to these shopping outlets. The best thing about these virtual credit card system in India is that even kids can use it! You don’t need a bank account to use virtual debit cards, all you have to do is create a digital wallet, and you will get a virtual Visa or Maestro card associated with that account. Furthermore, you can also enjoy doing international shopping as these Virtual cards support international billing. So you can buy products from international sites lie Aliexpress or Dhgate etc. by using a virtual credit card for international payments India.

List of Top Best Free VCCs Virtual Credit Card India 2020:-

As we talked that you can use Virtual Credit cards for multiple reasons. Some of them might be virtual credit card international payments or might be taking advantage of some cashback scheme. Moving on, in this list, we are going to tell you about services that will give you a Digital Maestro Card.

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1. FreeCharge

FreeCharge was one of the first mobile wallet services that started this virtual credit and debit card thing. So you can expect some top-class features in their virtual card, and the most important of them is that this virtual card supports maestro pay. You can use this card anywhere on indin as well as international sites. This maestro virtual card is attached to Yes Bank so it can be used to avail any discount offers or cashback on Yes bank account users or Maestro card users. You can use this card after you sign up for FreeCharge App.

Click here to Download Freecharge app from Google Play Store

2. Yes Pay by Yes Bank

After FreeCharge, Yes Bank also started their virtual card services for the user. This virtual debit card is powered by MasterCard so you can use it for online transactions on any site worldwide. Furthermore, Yes Bank also have started the UPI payment method, so it becomes easier to load cash into this virtual debit card. Being a Virtual debit card from Yes Bank, you can avail all offers exclusively for Mastercard and Yes Bank customers.

Click here to Download Yes Pay by Yes Bank app from Google Play

3. Zeta – RBL Bank

Zeta started its Virtual credit card India service with unique security features. It includes a dynamic pin which changes every time you open the wallet application. This step by Zeta secures users from any kind of online fraud activity associated with virtual credit card India. You can also request a prepaid virtual MasterCard for offline purchase and card swipes which is again powered by Yes Bank. You can use their offline cards at e-POS machines, malls, markets, departmental stores, etc.

Click here to Download Zeta Super card app from Google Play

Top Free VCCs Virtual Credit Card India –  Visa Card

We have talked about virtual credit card India which is good as they MasterCards. They can be used for international transactions, but some people like Visa enabled cards too. So let’s discuss about some apps which offer virtual credit card India based on Visa chips.

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1. Udio

Udio provides prepaid virtual and physical visa debit cards. They are great and secure and can be used even if you don’t have a bank account. All you need is a mobile phone to create your own account, and you will get a virtual card. You can further request a physical one if you need it to swipe at malls, hotels, etc. Udio also gives some great cashback at selected malls like BigBazaar and Cafe Coffee Day. Its virtual credit card India service is based on RBL bank so you can also avail cashback and discount offers limited to RBL bank customers.

Click here to Download Udio Prepaid card from Google Play Store

2. Payzapp by HDFC Bank

HDFC bank also joined the service to provide free virtual cards and let users enjoy HDFC bank features and cashback offers. You will always see huge cashback offers on online outlets like Flipkart and Amazon while buying electronica and other goods. Getting a virtual HDFC credit card is very easy as all you need is your mobile number to create a virtual online wallet. All you need to do is install the Payzapp app and sign up for your account and load cash into your wallet. Then you can start using the card as per your wish.

Click here to Download HDFC card – Payzapp app from Google Play

From Editor’s Desk

So, guys, these are some great best Virtual credit card India service which you can use according to your needs and avail great cashback and discount offers. We also have mentioned some Virtual master cards above which are ideal for virtual credit card international payments. You can also use these cards for virtual credit card India PayPal for accepting and sending payments through PayPal. However, these aren’t the only virtual credit card providers in India, but these are the best and most trustworthy.

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