sex toy

The need for sexual intimacy has led to the innovation of new methods and means of attaining sexual pleasure. Toys were invented first and sex dolls followed, all intending to satisfy human sexual arousal.

When sex dolls were first introduced to the market, they were met with a lot of criticism but later, people learned to acknowledge the idea. Today, sex dolls are quite marketable and are highly sought after unlike before. Here are some of the reasons to choose a sex doll over any sex toy :

Gender orientation

Although both sex toys and sex dolls are used for sexual gratification, sex dolls have an overall upper hand. Even though sex toys have their advantages, one of the downside is that some sex toys such as artificial vaginas and dildos are gender-oriented and are made to be used by men and women respectively. 

On the other hand, sex dolls are not gender-oriented as they come in both male and female genders and even transgender.

Natural and wholesome experience

Sex dolls are made to create a nearly perfect human replica. To make them look more natural, sex dolls are given names and are made with different personalities. They are made to look adventurous, athletic, charming, and helpful, thus one can easily get a sex doll that fits their tastes and preferences.

 Unlike sex toys that you have to make up fantasies to experience pleasure, sex dolls have human-like features that make it easy for the user to fulfill their sexual urges. Sex toys are perceived to be masturbatory objects unlike sex dolls that offer a human-like experience due to their human-like touch.

 Sex dolls are a wholesome package because they not only provide sexual stimulation but are also viewed by their owners as the perfect intimate companion. Sex dolls are more pleasurable than sex toys since they lack any restrictions. Owner can experiment any sex position they like with no limitations. They also get to experience some level of affection through cuddling after having sex.

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Sex dolls do more than spice up your sex life, through their human-like features and appearance they nearly equate to a real human-to-human relationship. Sex doll owners end up ‘connecting’ with them since they offer something stronger than just sexual stimulation. Although not many have the knowledge on how to take care of and use sex dolls as compared to sex toys, sex dolls still have a slight edge against sex toys. Even though the sex doll culture is still at its blossoming stage, it has taken over the entertainment industry with much rigor and it may surpass the sex toy culture within a few years. 

Having discussed the benefits of investing in sex dolls, let us explore some ways on how to enjoy your sex doll to the fullest ;

Heat up the sex doll

A sex doll’s overall temperature usually varies with the room temperature. The skin of a sex doll 

tends to feel soft and warm during the summer but that changes during cold weather seasons.

Heating a sex doll creates a more realistic image thus increasing the nature of intimacy between 

them and their owner. Some ways to do this are by using electric blankets or heating pads, 

using built-in heaters and warm baths. While using electric heaters and warm baths be sure to keep the temperature below 104 degrees to avoid damage to the skin of the doll. A built-in heater is a custom option when buying a silicone sex doll that might not entirely heat up the doll but keeps the vaginal areas and the mouth warm enough for a better experience. Heating pads are cheaper and can be placed in other areas where you prefer to be warmer like the breasts, between the thighs, and also the belly.

Choice of sex position

Some of the sex positions which are a must try for sexual reward include doggy style, the cradle, spooning, against the wall, bent over. Use this styles to build up orgasmic power and sensation to the climax but be a little more cautious in some of these positions and protect your dolls from damage due to rough or hard surfaces especially on the knee areas.

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Use good quality lubrication

The application of lubricants makes the sex doll feel more real and orgasmic thus the owner can achieve maximum pleasure. Water based lubricants are highly recommended since they are easily available at your local store and make it easy for the owner to clean it off the doll after sex. Always use a lubricant to accomplish maximum erotic stimulation and also to avoid bruising and rashes due to friction. 

Be sure to follow these tips for maximum pleasure experience. Be nice to yourself, life is hard, but you still work hard, so buy a silicone sex doll as your gift in return!