Tor Project Release their Browser for Android Platform in Alpha

Tor browser is back with its new alpha release for all Android devices.  Now, you can use Tor Browser to Access dark web or enjoy other websites anonymously.  Tor is the most official web browser for browsing online content safely. This new release is available with the new Experimental release version and new features.

Access Dark Web with Latest Tor Browser (New Alpha Release) for Android Devices
Tor Project Release their Browser for Android Platform in Alpha

New Alpha Release of Tor Browser is Out for Android

The current release, also known as an alpha version of tor browser is still in experimental stage. So, you may face some bugs while using this version. But don’t worry, you will get an option of submitting the bug reports and as soon as you will submit those reports – a team of developers will start working to remove that bug from your device.

This new alpha release of tor browser comes with a great user experience. Because of the simple and upgraded user interface of the tor browser. The project team also announced the official release of tor browser 8.0.

According to the official article,  they are going to release the official stable version of Tor Browser in the starting of the new year. so, because this version is experimental version – the user needs to be using Orbit to connect to the Tor network.

In the stable release of tor Browser, It is expected to have orbit inbuilt. Or Some other kind of system that allows the user to directly connect to the Tor network without using a Third party Application. so, use the latest alpha version of Tor Browser and tell your experience below in the comments field.

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