How to Find & Track iPhone Location without a Tracking App ?

How to Find & Track iPhone Location without a Tracking App ?

Track iPhone Location – A smartphone is now the most important device for people because they use a smartphone for many purposes like browse internet, read & send emails and use various apps on it to complete their daily life’s task in an easy manner. Sometimes we accidently forget our phone in some public places, offices and any kind of workplace or In many cases your iPhone is stolen So in these cases you need to track your smartphone location. We have the best solution to track iPhone location without any kind of third party Location tracking app available on the internet.

Most of the cases people unaware about iPhone tracking apps so, we recommended this method to track iPhone location. You can track any apple device like iPad, iPhone & Mac book Pro with this tutorial. You just need your Apple iCloud ID & Password from which you can control your apple device.

Steps to Track iPhone Location without a Tracking App:

Now These steps help you to find your lost iPhone from your Computer without any app. You just need one computer, Internet Connection, and your Apple ID and you can control your iPhone Via this tutorial.

  1. Just visit and you can see the login screen where you need to enter your Apple iCloud username & password.Find & Track iPhone Location
  2. Now after login you see like below screen where you found big icons like Mail, Contacts, Calendar and Find My iPhone.Find My iPhone App
  3. Click on Find My iPhone and on the Top Screen, you find the drop down menu where you can see you’re all Apple Devices connected to that particular Apple account.Track iPhone Location
  4. Select your lost iPhone and start tracking process. You can see the Phone Location on Map and you also have control over your device like you can lock your iPhone and erase all data from your iPhone with your Apple ID.Track iPhone Location Map
  5. So by doing this you can get your lost iPhone’s Location and you can find your lost iPhone.
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From Editor’s Desk :

These are the simple steps to get your lost iPhone back without using any third party tracking app. You just need your Apple iCloud ID and you can get control over your apple device and erase or lock all data in your iPhone. This is also the official way to find and track iPhone location from your home. If you stuck in any place just let me know we all are here to help you. Just freely ask your question in below comments