How to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone ?

Transfer Data from Android to iPhone

Transfer contacts, photos, music, and apps from Android to iPhone without losing important data:  I will explain how to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone. Here’s how to move contacts, apps, photos and music from an Android smartphone to an iPhone. With a few alternative methods that you may prefer making the switch from Android to iPhone a piece of cake.Transfer Data from Android to iPhone

If you’re an Android user thinking about switching to iPhone, you may want to transfer all your data – music, photos, contacts, calendar and etc – and making sure nothing is lost. Well, your lucky because you are reading the perfect article, which will guide you through. The basic idea or concept is to back up to either the cloud or a desktop machine and then sync to iPhone. Even Apple recently launched an Android app specifically to help people in this process.

Steps to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone :

There are mainly 2 to 3 ways of Transfer Data from Android to iPhone (iOS). We’ll mention the easiest one so that you don’t have to bang your head on the wall just for simple data transfers

Follow it as we have mentioned: 

Step 1: Connect both devices to a working Wifi connection.

Step 2: Download Copy my data, and install on both Devices. which is an app available for both Android and iPhone, specially made for this purpose? It’s easy to use with a simple user face. The app provides a fast and easy way to transfer contacts, calendar entries and photos from one device to another over a WiFi network.Steps to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone

Step 3: Open up the application on your android device first. Select >> To or From another device over wifi option.

  • the android device will now look for the iPhone to pair with
  • So, open the app on your iPhone and repeat the step 3 on the iPhone.
  • Then it will ask you , if you want ‘to’ copy data from another device or ‘from’ another device, Select from.
  • iPhone may ask you the password for authentication
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Step 4: The android device will now calculate the data and give you categories to choose from:

  • Tap the checkbox at left of the given options of Photos, calendars, reminders, and contacts, videos Accordingly.Steps to Transfer Data from Android to iOS

Step 5: Tap Next and Boom Your done. Your welcome 🙂

But wait, You must be wondering what about my Music ???

Steps to Transfer Music from Android to iPhone :

Well if everything was so easily done with just 1 single app then what would the world be like. right? For Music you need to perform the boring old method:

  1. Connect your android device to a PC
  2. Transfer your tracks to a folder on the PC
  3. Download iTunes for your PC
  4. Connect your iPhone to the PC
  5. Transfer your music to your iPhone.

From Editor’s Desk :

I have personally used this method and I can vouch that it works perfectly without any problem. This is the simplest way you will find to move from Android to iPhone or to recover data between devices. Well if you have some doubts or any recommendations then you know what to do! Comment below.