Top 10 Tricks You can Do with USB OTG Cable in Android !

Tricks You can Do with OTG Cable – Android is the most popular Operating system worldwide. OTG cable is one of the accessories needed for handling the data transfer with your android device. OTG stands for ‘On-The-Go’. You can check these cool and amazing things or life hacks you can do with OTG cable on android smartphone and it will amaze your friends and relatives.

This cable is very useful for maintaining the devices interact with your android smartphone. So, Today I am going to share 10 Tricks You can Do with OTG Cable. The are pretty simple and useful in various scenarios. Lets have a look at them.

List of Tricks You can Do with USB OTG Cable:

Tricks You can Do with USB OTG Cable in Android
Tricks You can Do with USB OTG Cable in Android

Although, there are many otg cable hacks available – which varies from device to device. But, here in this article – we have made a list of Best otg cable tricks which can be applicable on all the android devices. So, this would be very helpful for you all android users. Just have a look at them and comment your experince below.

There are various tricks you can implement using only the OTG cable of your android device. But, we’ll talk about the best ones here. Starting by the first trick.

#1 Connect USB Keyboard

Connecting an USB keyboard is not a difficult task, even for a newbie. Simply take out your new USB keyboard and connect OTG cable with the android device. Insert the USB into the port and you can simply respond to texts and make documents in the device via typing through the external keyboard.

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#2 Connect Flash Drives

Connecting Flash Drives also makes sense, when you want to share the device’s internal data. Connect both the end with possible ports and you can access the flash Drive from the gallery or file manager of your device.

#3 Use Your Mouse Inside Android

Similar trick to the keyboard connecting method, but this time you are connecting an external Mouse instead of Keyboard. When you’ll connect your mouse with the device, an cursor automatically appears inside the device screen. Now you can skip using the touch screen of the device.

#4 Create Music on Android

Android is really an powerful platform. you can also create your music via making your device a complete studio package,via this OTG trick. Connect your instruments to your device via OTG cable using the MIDI connections. Install the proper application, before making the connection working.

#5 Connect Video Game Remotes

Playing Video games on your device must have been the best experience for you. But, Now you can even make it better. You can connect your new video gaming console remotes to your device via OTG and have the full pleasure of hard button pressing and handling.

#6 Connect to Internet via LAN Cable

Sometimes, There’s no other option than making a wired connection with your device for connecting to internet. SO, In that case, OTG cables can be used to connect it with your Ethernet or LAN cable. These cables are easily available on amazon for cheap rates.

#7 Connect to Printer

Printers are the main and important things in this era. Anytime we need to convert any Soft-copy of any document into Hard-copy, we need a printer. Now, connecting your device printer is even easier than you think. Just use an OTG cable to connect the two hardware and you are ready to go.

#8 Control DSLR Camera

DSLR cameras are the important tools of the photographers. And if they can connect their android device with the camera, it would make them more powerful. So, In these cases when you can shoot with camera without shaking it from stand – You need an OTG connection between camera and device. Then you can capture images by clicking on your device, without shaking the DSLR.

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#9 Connect USB Modem

Same As Connecting the Flash Drive with the device. But this time, you are connecting a USB modem to access internet. Use OTG to connect and you need to install internal program for proper working of the modem with your android.

#10 Connect USB Fan

A USB Fan is a Toy device. Which you can also connect with your device for various purposes. Just inset the end of both devices into OTG. And the fan starts rotating, giving a blow of air on your face. It will drain your device battery faster though.

That’s it, I hope that may have like this Article. But, If you got any suspicious doubt in your head, related to this article. Please leave a comment below in the comment field. I’ll try my best to solve the doubt and query together. Thanks for your Time.