TV Advertising is Usually Not Effective

Boosting brand awareness is the key to a booming business. This, of course, can be fulfilled through marketing and advertising, but what about television advertising? Is that still an effective and lucrative way to represent your business? It might be a good choice if you are a large brand out there, but for smaller companies, things like online, print, and outdoor advertising methods might be the better way to go. Let’s delve deeper into television advertising and look at things you will need to consider and why it might not be as effective as you think. 

What is it?

Television advertising can also be referred to as broadcast marketing. It means to promote yourself on cable, satellite, or broadcast channels. This can happen during regular programming, syndication, news segments, breaks, and in some cases even product placement. Commercials are usually thirty or sixty seconds long and you need to get your message and brand across during that time. 


In any kind of advertising, repetition is crucial to the cause. You must run a television ad more than once if you want consumers to remember you. With repeat and frequent television advertising, you can build up your brand and show that you are a dependable and reputable company. This approach needs to run long-term to get into the minds of the viewers. The goal is to have customers think of your brand or business when they require products or services. This method of advertising is very expensive and takes up a lot of time to get it right. That’s why, instead of television, companies are marketing themselves on digital and social media platforms instead. 

Cost of Production 

Television advertising isn’t cheap. It can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars for a good thirty-second national spot. Many businesses can’t afford this type of campaign. You must think about locations, equipment, actors, editors, director, and airtime too. Some smaller companies will use a local ad agency to air something on regional television. This method is cheaper but will still cost thousands of dollars. You don’t want to produce a terrible commercial because that will reflect very badly on your brand and will have the opposite effect you want. Quick, cheap, and easy shouldn’t apply when it comes to television advertising. When it comes to running a poor-quality television ad, it’s better to not run it at all and seek other advertising methods for your business. 

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What if you need to change your message? You might have a new product, service, or offer you want to tell customers about. If this is the case, you will need to produce a new commercial and buy more time slots for it to run. Instead of this, you can turn to online ads, radio narration, or custom feather flags to advertise these changes. Displaying things like Custom Feather Flags is a cost-effective way to get your name out there. You can purchase Custom Printed Feather Flags with colors, branding, and writing to get your message across from Flagdom at:

Tracking Issues 

In the world of advertising, it’s very important to keep track of and gather data that pertains to your campaigns. If you’re doing this online, you will find analytical tools are more accessible than if you need to learn some information from your television advertising. This is because you will need to use third-party companies like Nielson or Comscore to track information for you. In television advertising, you can only oversee picking the airtime and channel for your commercial. Online advertising will target specific viewers based on gender, location, age, and interests. This makes advertising on television unfavorable, especially if you’re a smaller company. Remember, advertising is an investment, and you want to see some returns on it. 

Impatient and Restless Audience 

With the technological advances we’ve seen, people want their information quickly nowadays. On top of that, young adults aren’t watching a lot of television anymore. Instead, they are opting for online streaming and subscription options like Hulu, Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime (to name a few). These alternatives are cheaper than cable television, so it’s not very likely your television ad will reach an as broad audience as you hope. Again, it will come down to time and money. Turn to less costly ways to advertise, like websites and social media platforms. This is where several people get their information and news. 

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In Summary 

There are a few pros to television advertising, but to reiterate, there are many reasons why to not use television advertising. It’s okay to be a small fish in a big pond because that allows for growth, but you need to advertise within your means. The following is a reminder as to why television advertising should be a last resort (unless you’re an established brand). 

  • It’s expensive 
  • Repetition is necessary
  • Hard to alter or make changes 
  • Might not be viewed 
  • Analyzing and tracking results are difficult 
  • Television advertising is fading 

If you’re a huge company, television advertising might see a big return for you. However, if you’re not a nationally popular brand like Mcdonald’s or Nike, television advertising will (most likely) not be beneficial for you. Marketing and advertising have changed because of Covid-19 and the advent of new online technology. You need to keep up to make sure you don’t get left behind. The best approach is to research and gather information and then target your intended audience through a variety of different types of advertising. You need to do what works best for your brand and company. Experts are predicting that the most effective marketing and advertising in the future will be variety. The goal is to utilize all methods of advertising to get your brand out there.