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Understanding Online Betting Regulations in Tanzania

Betting Regulations



The United Republic of Tanzania is a country in East Africa, with a count of more than 50 million people, 80% of which live in rustic regions. To the extent that betting goes, it is a directed industry, with betting being lawful in Tanzania. While it may not be the first country in the world to legalize online betting, it is among the initial ones to do so. This was just the start, as the Tanzanian government chose to guarantee far better guidelines for Betting Regulations and passed the Gaming Act of Tanzania in 2003.

Earlier, Tanzania had an extremely low web entrance. However, now more Tanzanians are using cell phones to get to the web and play on the web. Over time, the gaming board of Tanzania helped online betting grow with a vision of helping the country in social and economic development. In the year 1999, Tanzania legalized online gambling, but it didn’t have a gaming board until 2003. The first licensed online casino was launched in Tanzania in 2013. Online betting is additionally controlled by the Gambling Act 2003, and it is lawful in Tanzania to put bets on virtual clubs and sportsbooks.

Gaming Board of Tanzania

The Gaming Board of Tanzania (GBT) is the power that issues licenses to administrators that wish to lead different gaming or wagering administrations. GBT focuses on the proper regulation of online betting in Tanzania. By this, they are trying to increase the long-term social and economic benefits. They practice the best possible rules and world-class legislation in order to protect the data and money of public betting on online markets Tanzania betting sites.

Since similar guidelines and guidelines for Betting Regulations apply to land-based and internet betting in Tanzania, administrators that wish to run web-based clubs or sportsbooks should gain a permit from the GBT. Not at all like numerous other African nations, Tanzania has legalized online forms of betting for quite some time in the past, with the primary web-based club sent off in 2013.

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Later on, it was trailed by numerous other gaming sites that take special care of Tanzanian players. Since the area is managed, those playing on the web can be sure that they will be safeguarded as authorized administrators are expected to consent to the guidelines forced by the Gaming Act 2003 and the GBT. The core values and guiding principles of the GBT works are – Betting Regulations

  • Honesty and integrity of the companies
  • Efficiency and effectiveness 
  • Best possible customer support and service
  • Professionalism

GBT Gambling Licenses- Betting Regulations

After the Gaming Act 2003, the Gaming Board was answerable for administering all betting exercises in Tanzania. The absolute number of various sorts of licenses that the GBT can issue is 18. The gaming board of Tanzania provides licensing to various platforms ranging from sports betting, lotteries, gambling, and poker sites. Players betting at licensed sportsbooks like 22Bet Tanzania can experience the thrill of gambling without worrying about any safety issues. Iplay8 is the main licensee today, which is a combination of an online sportsbook and an online casino.

In order to get licensed, a company needs to meet certain guidelines. They are going to show that they practice the right type of business models. The gaming board of Tanzania just wants to make sure that the company’s policies are running fair games and keeping the confidence of the players. For getting licensed, GBT has made certain criteria under section 26.

Here is the process of registration for a getting a license:

  • The company must never have had a suspended or denied license in the past in mainland Tanzania or any other country.
  • It is important for the applicant, director, and the shareholders to have a clean criminal background. 
  • The company must possess approved gaming premises by the gaming board. 
  • The company has to show that they have adequate funding.  
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After submitting all the required documents, the gaming board prepares the receipt of the application and carries out the investigation. The GBT can oppose conditions on the license depending on the type of gaming activity that the company carries on. 

Gaming Tax

The gaming board of Tanzania focuses on growing the tax collection revenues. The number of gaming companies increases every year, including casinos, online gambling, sports betting, slot operations, and other forms of online gambling. Online casino gambling and online sports betting are doing great in the growing Tanzanian betting market.

The tax levels on online gambling have changed many times over the years. This is the reason why the contribution of gaming tax to Tanzania’s GDP keeps on fluctuating. The gaming board of Tanzania is the main body that acts as an advisor to the government on the subjects related to the taxation on online gambling in the country.

Bottom Line

Over the years, the worth of the gaming industry in Tanzania has increased tremendously. The reason behind this is the rise in gaming activities, and more people are attracted to online gambling. Whether it is a land-based or online gambling club, sports wagering office, SMS lottery, or other gaming action, administrators are expected to acquire a permit from the GBT to have the option to legitimately offer exercises authorized under the Gaming Act 2003. With the ongoing guidelines, the betting business is supposed to keep on filling in the coming years, particularly with the rising web infiltration in the nation and the different online gambling clubs Tanzanians can lawfully play at.