How to Undo a Sent Email in Gmail Account by One Click ?

Here You learn about how you can Undo sent email in Gmail settings. You just need to enable one option and set preferable time and then you can access this undo send feature of Gmail. We can show simple steps to activate the undo send feature in this Gmail tutorial. how to recall an email in gmail after 10 minutes or 30 second

Gmail is now become popular and mostly used email services owned by google and many of professionals and individuals use email every day much time. So a company like a google is always trying to add some cool features in their services so that the customers won’t distract by another service so Now that time they add some amazing feature to Gmail. We can discuss in detail below.

Sometimes we can send the email to someone that we do not want to whatever it is done accidentally or you can say you can send when you angry or like that. So guys, now Gmail solve your problem if you can face the same problem many times. You can now enable Undo Send feature in your Gmail account that let you undo the sent email for preferable times. Like by default time is 10 seconds you can increase by 20-30 seconds.

Here are the main steps to undo a sent email in Gmail account. It is quite simple and easy you just need to follow some instructions and you did with this it.

Steps to Undo a Sent Email in Gmail Account:

Guy,s here we go. Firstly you need to log in your Gmail account.

After that, you need to Gmail settings by clicking here [Gmail Settings Here].

How to Undo a Sent Email in Gmail Account ?
How to Undo a Sent Email in Gmail Account ?

By Default you are in general tab where you find the “Enable undo send” setting. Click F3 or CTRL+S and find undo word and you easily found it. Just select Enable undo send and go down and click on “Save changes” that’s it.

Now you see the screen like below screenshot and you just need to enable the option and add you’re the desirable time that in which time you have to undo the sent email on the Gmail account.

Live Example of Undo Send Email on Gmail Account:

Now here we show you how this option works in Gmail. Now you can what happen when we send the email and where to click to undo the sent email on Gmail. Let’s ready.

Live Example of Undo Send Email on Gmail Account
Live Example of Undo Send Email on Gmail Account

 So Here you need to click on “Undo” after you sent an email. This is really an awesome feature add by Gmail. The users who use Gmail daily business as well as individual definitely love this awesome feature.

From Editor’s Desk:

In Final words, I would say thanks to google who provide us amazing free services and add more and more new features in it. It can give you the rich experience in Gmail services and you can now undo sent email on Gmail. I don’t think any other email provider can put this feature to their service.

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