How To Unlock any iPhone Passcode to Access Photos & Messages ?

How To Unlock any iPhone Passcode to Access Photos & Messages ?

Unlock any iPhone Photos Without Passcode: What a turn of events guys in this article, I will be guiding you on how to bypass the iOS passcode up to ios 10.2 all the way down ios 8. On any iPhone, and access photos contacts and even message logs. This is just absolutely crazy. So why do you need to know this?

Well if you suspect someone of cheating,  if you want to prank your friends or if you just want to do this for fun, it can be  done. This is a massive security hole and iOS and I can’t believe that we can actually Unlock ANY iPhone Photos Without Passcode.How To Unlock any iPhone Passcode to Access Photos & Messages ?

I went through my bypass article that I have written before and this is like the 6th iOS bypass I am writing down from the total of 25+ bypasses in the past, which exist. People, who want to do this, let me tell you that it can be done on any iPad & any iPhone doesn’t matter which one. how to unlock any iphone without the passcode

If I was to say what are the requirements, that’s just access to the Phone and Siri to access a person contact list, Photos and etc. it’s that easy.  After serious security concerns and in this modern era where Apple talks about their device security and fixes them a.s.a.p. I never thought would, I d be writing this topic again but here we are again. This bypass goes back to ios 8 times, so it’s really shocking.

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Steps on How To Unlock any iPhone Photos Without Passcode :

This credit goes to I devise help , as I did not find this by myself.  So let’s get to the good stuff on how to get into anybody’s photos contact your messages. First off, it doesn’t matter if you have touch ID or kept a six code or four code passcode. This bypass works on all of them, so just to let you guys know that if the passcode is there but the fingerprint is not registered it doesn’t matter at all. So let us get started:

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Step 1: find an iPhone (Friend’s or Lost iPhone or Your Partner’s phone)

  • You need to know their phone number or their face time, in order perform this bypass

Now, if you don’t know the number, that’s okay – wait for someone to call on it.


Ask Siri, Who Am I? She’ll give you the contact info of this phone and now you can call it.


Step 2: When the call appears on the screen, Instead of attending the call. Click on Message and then Custom. (Basically, you want to open messages and type a custom message)


Step 3: As the message, a screen appears, then with the help of the home button. Activate Siri.

  • Ask her turn on voice-over

Step 4: Now double tap on to the bar up where the contact info is & then immediately click on the keyboard.

  • It may take a couple tries.


Step 5:  As soon as you see this slide in, slide over (on side of the message box – Refer The Pic).  You’ll be done with the step 4 as now we will be able to type in the contacts “To“: Field, where we are not allowed to.

  • At this point, you can go ahead and ask Siri turn off


Step 6: Now you can go through the keyboard and Type any letter in the “To” section and it will give you a drop down of all contacts saved with that alphabet.

  • You will see an ‘i‘ Next to their name, which will display their contact information.

Step 7: Select ‘i‘ of any contact from the drop down, which will now show you their contact card

Step 8: Tap on “Create New Contact” and your in!

Step 9: You will now see a New Contact Page setup. Now clicking the Add Photo will show you all the photos of that phone without the passcode. (As show in the Pic below)

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Now you can go back and check all the contacts of the phone and also check the message logs! You can See whom this person is hanging out with and See whatever else secrets contained on this phone using this.  It’s absolutely crazy so not only     that you can go ahead and see all the contact and when you get into the contact it will take you to the message log   too so you can see the messages.

From the Editors Desk:

No one will ever know that you ever went on his or her photo. This was tested on all the iPhones & iPad with ios 8 and above, it is even available for iPhone 4s! You may be thinking that what’s the big deal in that but iPhone 4 was officially discontinued. Apple doesn’t make any more updates for it. Now, this may call for an update for the 4s! This is just again a guide on How To Unlock any iPhone Passcode to Access Photos & Messages ? If you liked it & it worked for you, then please let us know in the comments.