How to Upload Pictures & Videos to Instagram from Computer PC ?

Upload Pictures & Videos to Instagram from Computer PC
Upload Pictures & Videos to Instagram from Computer PC

Upload Pictures & Videos to Instagram from Computer: Instagram is one of the most popular and favorite social media platform. It is basically a mobile application designed for mobile users. But, it does not work for every person who does not use Android or IOS. To overcome this, they launched Instagram’s web interface. The web interface of Instagram is not user-friendly like its mobile app.

It lacks the main feature that is to upload photos and videos directly from a computer. But there are some ways which help to upload photos and videos to Instagram directly from PC. So, Today in this article – I’ll be talking about the main methods those I’m using for this purpose. I hope – you’ll like to know them.

Ways to upload pictures & videos to Instagram from Computer, PC, and Laptop:

Upload Pictures & Videos to Instagram from Computer PC
Upload Pictures & Videos to Instagram from Computer PC

By using third-party software, it can be possible to upload photos and videos to Instagram. These Programs allow users to edit their pictures and photos for upload to Instagram. Let’s have a look at them.

#1. Gramblr

Gramblr is an app for Windows and Mac OS users. This is a third party app, which helps to upload pictures from your computer to Instagram. One can also edit photos, videos and can also add the caption before uploading. It is much easier than other ways to use for PC. It uses your Instagram login id. It is much easier and faster way.

Site –

#2. NOX Player

Nox Player is an app for windows, which facilitates users to take benefit of Android in PC. Nox Player use android’s interface and runs mobile applications in it. It also feels like you have an android system on your PC. One can easily download and install it from its website and install in PC.

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Bluestack is another player like NOX which let you run mobile applications. But it performs both platforms Window and Mac. Initially, it’s not that easy like using Gramblr but after installing, you will found it much easier than the Gramblr. Firstly download the Bluestack application then install Instagram and enjoy exploring Insta world.


Dropbox is not a way to directly upload photos and videos from your computer but it is an alternative method in which you can upload pics and videos to Dropbox and access them from your mobile and upload from mobile it is just an alternate for those who are using Instagram on mobile and want to upload photos of their cameras.

There are also some other ways but in these ways, you have to pay some amount of money after using the trial version.

  • Latergramme is a tool for scheduling posts for brands, businesses, advertising agencies that post regularly.
  • ScheduGram is like Latergramme with special features in scheduled posts to handle lots of uploading content. This tool is very helpful for the businesses who follow Instagramming seriously.


In desktop user’s view, Instagram’s web version is not satisfying as compared to its mobile application. Developers of Instagram should add this feature to their web version for making Instagram’s experience more useful for desktop users. In my opinion, to upload a photo from a desktop, I will not pay anything, so I prefer the use of ways which are free of cost.

So, In the end – I hope that you’ll like my article. If you feel any doubt or want to suggest anything to me. Feel free to comment below. I’ll try to help you out. Thanks for your time.