Parenting & Technology: Use Screen Time App to Reduce Digital Addiction

Use Screen Time App to Reduce Digital Addiction
Use Screen Time App to Reduce Digital Addiction

In the past, the terms “tech-addict” and “FOMO” were not as problematic for parents as they are now. Kids stay constantly connected to the rest of the world through mobile devices and other electronic gadgets. It has become extremely challenging for parents to keep their kids protected in the digital world while providing them the privilege of technology at the same time. To protect kids from digital addiction, parents need to make sure their children use screens for a certain period of time only.

Use Screen Time App to Reduce Digital Addiction
Use Screen Time App to Reduce Digital Addiction

How Teenagers Become Addicted to Screens?

If you feel that your child spends most of his/her precious time while using their mobile devices, you need to evaluate their screen time and online activities first. Find out what apps or games are tantalizing your child to stay glued to screens. When your child spends excessive amount while exploring a particular digital activity, they gradually get addicted to it.

A few examples of “how teenagers become addicted to screens” are given as follows:

  • Video games are designed with numerous levels. Teenagers feel mesmerized to accomplish different attractive tasks in the game. One level after another keeps children hooked to electronic gadgets. Video gaming addiction is not easy to eradicate, once a person develops it. Therefore, parents need to make sure their child is not neglecting other activities for playing video games.
  • Social networking accounts with several different features and tempting filters keep the attention of teenagers hooked on the screens. Children constantly remain engaged on social media while chatting with their friends. The fear of missing out makes children addicted to screens.
  • Adult or explicit content becomes highly addictive for teenagers. Without boundaries or parental surveillance, children can explore anything on the web so thast why we recommend Parental Control App. Pornographic content is not at all healthy for the younger kids.
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As long as parents don’t set rules for limiting screen time, there is a huge risk of digital addiction for teenagers.

How Does a Screen Time App help Parents?

Your teens need your attention the most. Make rules for their use of technology and restrict them from using their mobile devices for an unhealthy period of time. Make a “no screen” rule during meals and homework time. Set a family ritual and enjoy with your parents while keeping all the screens turned off.

Apart from setting the ground rules at home, download a screen time app such as family time to keep them protected from digital addiction. With the FamilyTime app, parents can:

  • Schedule an auto screen lock on teen’s device
  • Lock teen’s gadget while they are doing their homework

FamilyTime offers several monitoring features as well.