How To Use Smartphone Camera To Translate any Language ? | 2018

You are looking for Tutorial about to use smartphone camera to translate any language so guys you just landed at right place cause we have best and easy tutorial to guide you. Just go through the article and carefully see the simple steps and you will see how you can use your smartphone camera to translate anything.

Use Smartphone Camera To Translate: The good thing about technology is – “It Connects everyone!” And, It is all possible by removing the boundaries between the different cultures and people. In this era of technology, Almost everyone uses Smartphone. Which is almost a computer in your pocket? With such powerful tool in hand, you can do anything you want. All you need is a right Application in your phone.

Use Smartphone Camera To Translate any Language

But, A Fool with a Tool… is still a Fool. So, If you don’t know the potential of google translate camera app & How to use it? Then, The smartphone in your pocket is nothing more than just a simple piece of junk. Which is not being used up to its full potential. So, the technology is now allowing you to image translate the things for removing more boundaries between cultures and people.

There are many android applications out there in the market. And, most of them are utility apps. Translation applications also fall under this utility category. Translating a text by just capturing its photo or keeping it in front of a camera is a way. In this article, We’ll have a look at the most used and recommended method to Simply Use Smartphone Camera to Translate your required text from one language to other.

Google Translate App:

Although, There are much methods do this task. You can use third party apps too. But, here we’ll only discuss the easiest and reliable methods. So, without wasting any time – Let’s directly dive into the simple steps to do it.

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Steps to Use Smartphone Camera To Translate Images:

Here, we simply gonna use Google Translate app to achieve our goal of translation. You can simply translate images from one language to other. It is quite easy to use android application. You don’t even need to have an active internet connection to use this awesome application. Because Google stores all translation data and algorithm locally on your device. So, Following are the steps to use it.

  1. Download Google Translate App from Play store and  Open Google Play Store and Search and Download the Google Translate app. Install it on your Device.
  2. Now, open it. In the Front Screen – simply tap and it will initiate the camera.Use Smartphone Camera To Translate any Language
  3. Select your primary and secondary language preference in the settings.
  4. Now you can see the things through your camera.
  5. Point your camera towards a text on the wall or anything readable. Select your language to convert to.
  6. And, The magic starts happening. Now, That’s how you can translate easily.


There are a lot of advantages of using Google Translate application in your device. We’ll talk about them here in this section below. Although, This is kind of most cool way of translating text that I’ve ever seen. I hope you’ll all agree with me.

  1. As mentioned above – You can translate even when you are not active on the internet. because all of the required files and algorithms are stored on your android device by this amazing app.
  2. Just point out your camera towards the thing you wanna translate. And, in a second or two – You’ll get your desired result, without wasting too much of processing time.
  3. You can translate from almost more than 100+ languages worldwide.
  4. The application also supports the speech translation for few selected languages. You must give it a try. It’s quite awesome experience.
  5. You can also draw characters with your cute little Pinky finger, to get the drawing translate in other language characters.
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As We all know. With Light – it comes darkness! Every coin has its two sides. So, how can be something so beneficial without any flaw? That’s why Google Translate App has its own flaws and disadvantages. They are not quite big issues, but they ruin the beauty of the application.

  1. It can easily convert words, while translating whole texts sentences may sometimes result into grammatical mistakes. So, The translation is not 100% accurate. But, You’ll get the idea from the broken pieces. And, a human mind is very intelligent in completing the puzzle from the broken pieces.
  2. You should not try this application on the bulky paragraphs unless you want to see crap on your screen. Because it will make a mess as a result. This works best with short texts and words.
  3. Sometimes, Due to camera shake in Live mode – It tends to change result each sec. (fluctuating results) So, keep this flaw in mind while using it in live mode. We’ll recommend to use picture mode than the live mode.

That’s all for now. I hope, This article about How To Use Smartphone Camera To Translate Things has helped you out in resolving your problems. If you are still in doubt, feel free to throw a comment at me. I’ll try to help you out. Thanks for your time.