Useful YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts

Useful YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts
Useful YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts

We all Use YouTube because of Entertainment, Learn from Online Tutorials, How to Guides, Games Videos, Movies Trailers, Funny Videos and Watch Many more Videos on YouTube. It is ranked as the 3rd Website Mostly used on Internet and Have Four Billions Hits a Day. These Useful YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts help you While Watching Videos on YouTube. You can Effectively use your Keyboard to Operate YouTube Videos with Basic Function Like Play/Pause, Forward to Specific Point and do Lot of things with your Keyboard without Touching your Mouse.

Useful YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. Space Bar – Play/Pause
  2. Up and Down Arrow – Increase or Decrease Volume [Put the Cursor on Volume Control]
  3. Press any Number Between 0 to 9. It will Directly play Video from that point. Like if Press 1 Start from 10% of the Video.
  4. Press F11 to Enter Full Screen & Exit by Pressing ESC Button.
  5. Forward or Go Previous 5 Second of your Video By Pressing Left / Right Arrow.
  6. Also Use TAB to Move on YouTube Option on Video Player Like Watch Later, Small Player, Large Player and Change Video Quality.

From Editor’s Desk

Guys, While Watching Video on YouTube we don’t want to Break Concentration from Video. So, These Useful YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts Help us to Operate YouTube Videos with your Keyboard. These all Shortcuts are Tested by the Author. If You see any Problem withing the Post You can Leave Comment Below.


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