User Acceptance Testing – The Final Phase Testing


User acceptance testing (UAT) is also known as end-user acceptance testing. It is the testing process that is conducted at the end of the development cycle to ensure the application satisfies all the client’s requirements and satisfies its users. It is the last process of any application and is overlooked to save time and money. But undergoing the UAT process is essential because it identifies the errors and improves the quality of the overall applications.

This testing is done by the clients or the business users, unlike other testing which are performed by the developers, at last before distributing an application to the real world. The last development cycle ensures that the new application meets the requirements of the business. The benefits of UAT are as follows:


The UAT process helps to identify the bugs, if any,present in the application. It is quite cheap and flexible to get rid of the issues beforehand rather than getting rid of the issues afterward. 

Better opportunity

User acceptance testing identifies whether every criterion such as features, issues if created, and quality assurance is up to the mark or not. Achieving goals and testing the application’s vulnerability creates opportunities for improvement.

End-user satisfaction

The feedback received during the UA testing for development helps the applications in improving. The negative comments not only affect the developer’s brand image, but also the client’s image and customer happiness. The testing during the development stage increases application usability and enhances the client’s satisfaction as well.

Boosts up the confidence

The end user testing helps to avoid costly re-launches and bugs that may have a negative impact on the customer’s mindset and may hamper their satisfaction. The last moment testing is not at all useless. It helps to find out the errors which may have been missed out in previous trials and get the accurate result passed on to the public, and boost the confidence of the business users to achieve successful results from the market.

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Avoid risk

UAT helps in avoiding the risk of the failure of the application. The market is quite unpredictable, and one mistake can hammer the entire application’s image in the market and comes out to be a complete failure. UAT, so at the very last stage, ensures that there is no risk of failure and results are flawless. The final tasting provides the belief that everything is good and is as per the expectations.

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