How To View Saved Wifi Passwords in Android ? (2018)

View Saved Wifi Passwords In Android

Learn How To View Saved Wifi Passwords in Android 2018- In this era of the smartphone, Android has become very powerful and famous OS. Almost every person who carries a smartphone definitely has connected to any type of wifi network. how to view saved wifi password on android without root

Many of people search on google how to know connected wifi password in mobile We are used to this kind of scenarios, where most of us are connecting to different networks at Home. And Different networks at Work, Shop, Road, etc. So, we are basically dealing with Multiple Wifi accounts. And We are saving all those SSID and Password of all networks in our device by default in Androids. how to hack wifi password on android phone without rooting

View Saved Wifi Passwords In Android

Now, Whenever we are in the range of any of these networks. Our device automatically connects us to that Network using the pre-saved password by Us. This feature reduces our mental tension, but on the other hand, made our mind rusty. As if any new person asks us the password of the network that we are using. Then we can’t just remember that. And Don’t even know, How To View Saved Wifi Passwords In Android.

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In this Article with two simple methods for Getting pre-saved Wifi Passwords? Both methods that I’m gonna tell you are for Rooted Devices. Please Note that This is only applicable on Android-based Smartphones. So, Let’s start with the First Method.

How To View Saved Wifi Passwords On Android Mobile 2018:

We’ll talk about the first method to See this information saved on your device, you’ll need to be root or Superuser. Hence, it will be very easy for rooted devices. But first, we’ll have a look at the difficult one.

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#1. Using ES File Explorer:

Here, as your device is rooted. You need an external application, which will use this root access of your device. So, we’ll use ES File Explorer for this purpose. Download and install it from Play Store. Then Follow the Steps Below. They are very easy. Just keep following me.

  1. Open The installed application.
  2. Try to navigate to ‘data/misc/wifi.’How To View Saved Wifi Passwords In Android
  3. Open the file named wpa_supplicant.conf with a suitable text editor.How To View Saved Wifi Passwords In Android
  4. All the Wifi-networks with their saved passwords will be there in the file.

Please Note: That, you only need to see the passwords and close the file. Don’t even think of editing anything in the file. It may cause problems in connecting to the networks.

#2. Using External Application (Rooted)

Here, as your device is rooted. You can simply download an external Android application named,  Wifi Password Recovery. You can easily get this application from the Play Store. Now Follow these simple steps.

  1. Open the Wifi Password Recovery application.
  2. Give it all the root permissions, those it is asking you.
  3. Simply, it will display all saved network passwords and network names on your screen.
  4. Simply write down all the passwords, or Tap on the passwords to copy them to the clipboard.
  5. That’s all.

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At last, As I always say. If you have any doubt or query about any steps told in how to view saved wifi password on android without root You can simply leave a comment below. And we’ll try to fix the problem within 24 hours. Thanks.