Want to liven things up in the bedroom? Try Experimenting with Couples Toys

It’s no secret that being in a long-term relationship can often be detrimental to the spontaneity of your sex life: The stresses of jobs, bills, and waking up disheveled with one another every day isn’t exactly an ideal recipe for an erotic experience. 

If you’re in a long-term relationship and the sex has become routine or non-existent for no discernible reason, it might be time to invest in some fun sex toys for couples. Couples’ sex toys can help you rediscover the magic of the early days of the relationship while experimenting with new things and trying out new sensations! 

Why you should try out toys for couples

Many couples shy away from incorporating True Sex Stories into their intimacy for several reasons. Many don’t want to offend their partner, fearing that he or she might feel sexually inadequate or “replaced” by a sex toy. Others dare not to ask for fear of their fantasies appearing “odd,” while others are simply not aware of the positive effects that can be had on our sex lives by welcoming couples’ sex toys into the bedroom. 

Benefits of Using Couples Sex Toys

Take the pressure off

There’s nothing worse for a romantic partner than the feeling of being unable to make their other half reach orgasm: if you or your partner struggles to climax, using couples toys can be a great way to take the pressure off for both parties. The partner who struggles to climax can take control of their pleasure or try new things to stimulate themselves, while the pressure is lifted on the other partner to do all the (literal) handiwork! Struggling to orgasm is common, especially amongst women – neither party should feel guilty if they can’t always reach the Big O. 

Keep your sex life spontaneous and fun

As we alluded to, being in a long-term relationship can often feel like the antithesis of a steamy relationship, especially if you live together. Sex can often become routine, the routine can become boring, and a boring sex life is often a sex life that fizzles out over time. Rather than slowly abandoning your intimacy, opt for couples’ sex toys instead! Regularly using sex toys together is a great way to keep the relationship fun and sexy, and you can surprise each other with new fun toys and accessories for the bedroom. 

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Deepen your emotional connection

If you’re using high-quality, high-performance couples’ sex toys, you’re both going to be reaching orgasm more often. Reaching orgasm will liberate your happy hormones and endorphins, chemically bonding you and your partner more often. If you engage in BDSM play such as bondage, you’ll notice that the mutual trust between you both is also much deeper. Engaging in power-play demands a profound level of trust and security between partners: you’ll feel more secure and confident in your relationship if you explore kinks in the bedroom, especially kink play which involves a minimum of vulnerability and submission of power.

Toys for Couples: What to Try in 2022

So – we’ve convinced you, and you want to try out a high-quality couples’ sex toy. Yay! But where to begin? To keep things simple, we’ve made a list of the hottest couples toys on the market in 2022. When buying your toys, it’s always recommended to shop from highly reputable sex toy retailers. Also, avoid Amazon and other unknown online shops – sex toys sold in these online markets can either be misleading or cheaply made, and therefore potentially dangerous for your body. 

Best Couples’ Sex Toys for Power-play: Couples’ Vibrators 

A great way to indulge in some light power-play is to use a remote-controlled vibrator on your partner, so crank up the intensity and watch your partner squirm with pleasure! Some remote control vibrators can even be used long-distance or discreetly in public – so pop one in and let your partner be titillated during a work meeting – so long as she can keep a poker face!

Best Couples’ Sex Toys for Anal fun: Butt Plugs

Butt plugs might seem intimidating, but beginner butt plugs make for easy and comfortable penetration: you just need to be patient and apply generous amounts of lube. Butt plugs work great as toys for couples, as they add a dimension of double-penetration to intimacy. Not only that, butt plugs can even help make the vagina tighter during sex – the pressure of a wider butt plug in the anus can cause the vaginal canal to contract and restrict itself, enhancing penetration sensations for both partners!

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Best couples’ sex toys for power-play: Blindfolds, handcuffs, and ball gags

If you want to up your sex toy game, indulge in a little light BDSM fun together – who knows, maybe you’ll both love it and become regular BDSM enthusiasts? For beginners, the best BDSM toys for couples are blindfolds, handcuffs, and ball gags: all three of these toys help foster an environment of domination and submission without being too extreme for a novice. Have fun with these couples’ toys – titillate and tease your partner, stimulate the external body, and remain communicative. 

Best couples’ sex toys for BDSM: Bondage Kits

If you enjoy the sensations procured in a bit of power-play, take your BDSM to the next level with bondage kits. Bondage kits are a little bit more hardcore than regular handcuffs or blindfolds: bondage will have you (or your partner!) completely at the mercy of the dominant partner. 

Best couples’ sex toys for shared sensations: Cock Rings

Investing in a cock ring is a great way to enhance the sensations of penetration with your partner. Cock rings will make sex last longer, and keep your penis harder for longer, too. If you want to really enhance the experience, opt for a cock ring with a rabbit vibrating feature for your partner – mind-blowing orgasms will await!

Best couples’ sex toys for hitting that angle: Sex Pillows

Great sex can often come down to simply finding the right angle: that one angle that hits the spot time and time again. If you want to enhance your sex positions and enjoy deeper, more intense penetration, invest in a sex pillow, also known as a sex wedge or a position enhancer. This type of bedroom accessory is super discreet and won’t take up lots of space in your home: it’s there to help you hit those angles that aren’t possible otherwise.

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Best couples’ sex toys for clitoral climax: Hands-free vibrators

We all know by now that most women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm easily. With a hands-free clitoral vibrator, a little toy can do all the clit work for you both! Simply attach the vibrator during sex and enjoy orgasmic bliss during sex. 


With so many great couples’ sex toys on the market, you’ll be spoiled for choosing a fun toy to use with your partner.

Whether you opt for a remote control toy, a hands-free clitoral vibrator, or dip your toes into the wonderful waters of BDSM, with the help of the holy grail of cum, your sex life and overall relationship will be sure to improve.