What are the Benefits of a Virtual Accounting Firm?

Virtual accounting firms offer many advantages over physical-office counterparts. Although some users may have difficulty adjusting to Zoom meetings and miss in-person interactions, virtual firms offer many benefits for business owners.

What is a Virtual Accounting Firm?

An accounting company that operates online rather than in a brick-and-mortar office is known as a virtual accounting firm. It is possible for remote firms to have a variety of structures depending on their preferences, such as a satellite office architecture or an entirely virtual accounting hub.

Lower overhead expenses

Virtual accounting firms are cost-effective in that you don’t have to pay rent or utilities. Although you might spend some upfront money to offer remote hardware such as tablets or laptops for employees, the savings you make will more than offset these initial costs.

You won’t waste time commuting

The commute can consume a lot of time and take away from employees’ workdays. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average commute time is 27.6 minutes. Census Bureau. This equates to approximately 240 hours per year of commute time to work in 27.6 minutes. If you live in areas with higher populations, the commute time can be twice or three times longer. This could make traveling a substantial part of your year. Remote work allows people to spend more time at home and with their families than they would if they were stuck in a car.

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A better work-life balance

A Flexjob survey found that 73% of respondents felt they have a better work-life balance by working remotely. This includes more time with their families, partners, and pets. A Thomson Reuters survey found that 36% said working remotely had a strong positive effect on their well-being, while 35% stated that it had a slight positive impact. Remote work has been shown to reduce stress and improve employee happiness. Remote work has also been shown to decrease mental health-related sick day rates. Employees can use their PTO to enjoy positive vacation experiences, which will help them achieve a better work-life balance.

How to start a virtual accounting firm?

To attract clients and generate positive cash flow, a virtual bookkeeping company must be planned. Understanding your values and goals is the first step.

Understanding Your Goals

Setting your company’s goals is the first step to creating a successful business. A clear vision of where you want to go will help you to make subgoals and take steps to reach your ideal client base and offer outstanding services.

Which services would you like to offer?

Your accounting firm should focus on tax planning and tax preparation. Do you prefer to work with financial reports or general data analytics? You can decide what services you wish to offer. This will help you determine the employees you need, what software you need, and how feasible your business plan is.

What do you want to do?

You can market yourself better to the ideal clients by choosing the right client base. Do you want to work with individuals, small businesses, or large corporations? Identifying your ideal customer will help you determine how to position yourself relative to scale and services.

What size do you want to grow to?

Knowing your ideal clients and services will help you decide how big you want your company to grow. You can plan your architecture for future expansion by knowing ahead of time what you are planning.

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Are you looking to be involved in every aspect of the business for at least 5 years?

Virtual accounting firms can be more hands-on than some accounting firms. You can decide whether a virtual firm is right for you or if you prefer to interact with clients in a more personal way.

Develop Your Core Values

A hybrid or remote virtual accounting firm should have core values to foster culture and help everyone stay on the same page. These values can help you provide quality service regardless of the location.

Your vision

A vision statement is a way to outline the goals of your company and the long-term goals you are aiming for. Your vision statement should be no more than one to two sentences. This will give employees an idea of the company’s goals.

What do you value?

Think about your core values. Are you focusing on quality work, client relations, caring service, or precise analytical services? It is possible to create direction in your vision statement by focusing on what you most value.

How do your clients value you?

Your vision should include what your clients think about your company. Whether it’s personal one-on-one service or a quick resolution to a problem, decide what will set you apart from your competition.