What are the Different Types of Graphic Designers Businesses Want to Work With?

Graphic Designers Businesses

Introduction- Graphic Designers Businesses Do you know why companies hire graphic designers? These professionals have special analytical skills. Through the use of colors, typography, imagery, composition and other visual aids, graphic designers approach a set of problems or challenges with singular ideas.

Classified on a broader basis, businesses typically hire graphic designers for four distinct kinds of responsibilities:

  • Designing logos and setting up a brand identity. Logos define a brand. It is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of their products or name (think Audi, Mercedes or Apple). It is essential that a logo is as reflective of brand ethos as possible. The color palette that goes into the composition also needs to be in harmony
  • Packaging. Like logos and colors, each brand has its own packaging trademarks. Think OnePlus and its trademark red-orange accents on all its packaging, synchronizing with its products. Companies need graphic designers who know 3D design and can create such unique packaging
  • Designing web and mobile-based interfaces. A coder may not be the best person to visually compose a user interface for your apps and software. Therefore, companies hire graphic designers to give a visual architecture to their UIs before they hand it over to their developers to code-in
  • Print design. Whether it is your newsletters, magazines, letterheads or anything going out as brand media in print, graphic designers are the best people to help compose it. By harmonizing the use of fonts, sizes, graphics and colors, they create a cohesive layout that the brand can identify with

Companies would always looking to hire graphic designers. According to a report published by IBIS World, the market size for graphic designers stood at $45.8 billion in 2021. Let’s take a look at the different types of graphic designers that businesses want to work with.

Types of Graphic Designers Businesses Want to Work With

Graphics design, being a visual field, is evergreen and shows immense potential for steady growth. According to the information published on ShiftLearning, visual communications are faster to register by humans, making graphic designers that much more important.

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There are four categories of graphic designers that businesses want to work with:

Freelance Graphic Designers Businesses

Freelance graphic designers are professionals who work independently as their own brand. Working with a freelance graphic designer will get your business undivided, personal attention for the engaged project. In fact, according to the IBISWorld Report 2020, the total industry share of freelance graphic designers is as high as 90%.

Working with freelance graphic designers gets your business a speedy delivery of the projects you engage these professionals for. Since they have flexible working hours, they can easily adapt to the timings of your business. The best advantage yet of working with freelance graphic designers is that they offer extremely high-quality work at highly competitive prices. It may be a good use of resources to not have an in-house graphic designer and hire a freelancer instead.

Graphic Designers from Outsourcing Agencies

Outsourcing agencies work like intermediaries to your requirements. When you have highly specialized projects ongoing that need a differentiated skillset to execute, outsourcing agencies help you save time. Instead of searching for freelancers, businesses prefer to bring in outsourcing agencies who match them with the right professionals from among their own.

When engaging professionals in bulk, outsourcing agencies offer a great way to reduce project costs, which is why businesses prefer working with them. Additionally, they help the businesses scale their projects up or down by increasing or reducing the number of professionals engaged with their projects. Businesses can expect quick delivery of projects with these professionals.

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, the employment of graphic designers in the computer design field will increase by 20% by 2026.

In-House Graphic Designers

For companies that have constant and consistent work for graphic design (like web and mobile application development, media houses, advertisement agencies and so on) it is more economical to have graphic designers in-house. Rather than searching for new talent for each project (which would waste a lot of time since each project involves visuals), these businesses hire their own graphic designers on permanent payroll.

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This gives the companies a highly creative workforce that is driven and available whenever needed. Workforce efficiencies are, thus, better. There is also very low risk with these graphic designers as they belong to the company and know the protocols.

Project-to-Project Graphic Designers

The internet is filled with portfolio communities such as Behance. If companies wish to create projects that truly deliver an impact with high creativity, going for community-based graphic designers is the best idea. Not only are these designers markedly different than the rest in their creativity, but they also offer a high level of professionalism with each project.

Community-based graphic designers are available at very affordable, competitive fees and can deliver projects at scale with highly professional designs. Where there is a need to incorporate an edge of creativity to work, community-based graphic designers are the best option.


Graphic design is a specialized field where a lot of visual creativity and understanding of the consumer psyche is required. Businesses have varied needs for every graphic design project, therefore require different modes of professional engagement with the designers. The four modes discussed here are the major types of graphic designers that businesses want to work with.