What is CompTIA Security+ Certification and How Beneficial It Is for Your IT Career?


Are you interested in a cybersecurity career? Are you looking for a way to put your foot in the door? Then the Certbolt designation is there for you! Earning accreditation from a globally recognized vendor is a confirmation of your familiarity with key security functions. For anyone in need of accumulating skills for a security career, this certification is highly recommended. This article tells you more about the designation and what benefits it can bring to your career in IT. Keep reading to discover more. 

What Is the CompTIA Security+ Certification?

The Security+ certification is designed by CompTIA to enable the professionals to showcase how knowledgeable and skilled they are in using the latest technology to assist and manage risk, respond to incidents, and apply security controls, among other things. The candidates pursuing this accreditation are required to take and pass a single exam Certbolt

The test evaluates the applicants ‘ability to assess the security posture of a given enterprise environment as well as recommend and implement relevant security solutions. Besides, the test-takers will be asked to demonstrate their proficiency in monitoring and securing hybrid environments as well as implementing applicable laws and policies. Finally, the examinees will be tested based on their ability to define, analyze, and respond to security incidents.

The certbolt evaluation consists of 90 questions, including performance-based and multiple-choice items. The candidates are expected to answer all the questions within 90 minutes. The registration for the test costs $381 per attempt. By attaining 750 points out of 900, you qualify for the CompTIA Security+ designation.

How Beneficial Is the Security+ Certification for Your IT Career?

The cybersecurity field keeps evolving every other day. The new developments and technical advances occur regularly requiring the security practitioners to keep up with what’s happening in the field. The Security+ certification is a confirmation of your mastery of the latest techniques that show the current and future employers that you’re fully equipped to effectively manage security-related issues in your workplace. 

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What Jobs Can You Get with the Security+ Certification?

The Security+ accreditation is the most preferred choice for those seeking a profession in the cybersecurity area. It’s expected that jobs within the cybersecurity domain will increase and as the field continues to expand, there are more specialized roles that are now coming up. The roles that you can fill in after passing the Certbolt and earning the Security+ certificate include Security Administrator, Cybersecurity Analyst, Security Engineer, IT Auditor, Helpdesk Manager/Analyst, and Systems Administrator. Others are DevOps/Software Developer, IT Project Manager, and Network/Cloud Engineer. 

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As Payscale.com indicates, the average salary that the professional holding the Security+ certification can earn is about $78k yearly. The opportunities are there for anyone wishing to work either full-time or part-time. Professionals in the cybersecurity field can opt to work in an office or as a freelancer. 


The cybersecurity expanse is among the best areas to get into now because the demand for professionals with relevant expertise is incredibly high. There are plenty of opportunities for anyone wishing to begin or advance their certbolt career. By pursuing the CompTIA Security+ accreditation, you will gain a competitive advantage over your non-certified peers and become an attractive candidate for recruiters.