What Is Mountain Bikes With Dual Suspension?

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A dual suspension bike is equipped with shock-absorbing systems both at the front and at the back. Therefore, they are more comfortable riding on bumpy terrains, and that’s why they were designed for them! The geometry of these bikes also tends to be slacker, and they are generally designed for steep and technical trails. It will improve the wheels’ grip on the trail and make them roll more smoothly, but it will also make navigating the bicycle easier. It’s easier to handle the bike when you don’t have to worry about rocks and roots kicking you around.

Everything About Dual Suspension

In choosing a dual-suspension mountain bike, we recommend taking the following factors into account:


Dual-suspension mountain bikes are heavier due to their additional suspension in the back. Modern full-suspension Good Mountain Bikes often compensate for this by using lighter materials such as carbon fiber; however, this will likely increase the cost of the bike. Try avoiding a dual-suspension mountain bike altogether if you believe a light bike is essential for your riding experience. You can request a recommendation from our professional team for a different bike model.


Dual-suspension mountain bikes will cost more if they have a pivoting rear end and a rear shock. Rest assured, however, that here at Bicycles Online, we offer competitive prices if this bike is the right fit for you. By working directly with manufacturers, we eliminate the costs imposed by agents, sellers, and other parties. Your money is well spent with us!


This is the most comfortable mountain bike on the market. You don’t have to worry about your body taking hard hits with full suspension. Particularly if you ride for long periods of Time: with dual suspension, you will feel less beat up than with a different bike.

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It’s going downhill, isn’t it? You will be the fastest rider with the best full suspension mountain bike because of its extra traction and hit-absorption. A dual-suspension mountain bike with a fixed rear can, however, feel sluggish going up. In most dual suspension bikes, pedaling efficiency can be achieved much like on a hardtail bike thanks to the lockout capability of the rear shock. You will be rewarded going back downhill with a dual-suspension mountain bike if you pedal harder up the hill.