What Should You Know About Turnkey Software Product Engineering?

The global software development market is growing intensively nowadays. According to GVR, the mentioned sector was almost $24.5 bln in 2021 and reached $29.29 billion in 2022. Furthermore, analysts predict that the specified branch will hit 146.18 bln by 2030. Experts explain such a trend because of the intensive growth of digital technology and e-commerce markets.

Analysts highlight turnkey software product engineering among the most popular development services. However, they recommend ordering such an app-making only from trustworthy IT companies. For instance, you may use the link https://intetics.com/solutions/turnkey-software-product-engineering/ to order the specified service. Such a recommendation is due to doubtful enterprises usually making poor-quality IT products at too high prices. And now, let’s dive deeper into full-cycle development.

Key Features of Turnkey Software Product Engineering


Medium and large IT companies usually propose such services. The described method of app-making includes all development stages, from analyzing information about the industry you work in to launching a ready-made application or website.

What IT Specialists Participate in Full-Cycle Development?

Here, it’s necessary to note the following software engineering company departments:

  1. Sales branch. This department searches for new clients and communicates with existing ones.
  2. HR branch. Here, specialists look for and hire software engineers. That’s about both permanent and temporary employees. The latter ones are typically needed when it’s necessary to perform hefty IT projects, finish software making earlier than it was agreed, or cope with increased workflow.
  3. Analytics department. Analysts discover weaknesses of your closest rivals’ websites and deliver the best solutions based on this information.
  4. UI/UX design department. The appearance of a website or an application is incredibly important. GoodFirms claims that more than 70% of skilled web designers consider poor site design the main reason why visitors leave online platforms.
  5. Development department. Here, front-end and back-end programmers, as well as AI specialists, are involved.
  6. QA branch. These IT professionals perform software testing. If necessary, QA engineers return apps to coders so that the programmers eliminate lacks.
  7. Maintenance department. Such specialists make the necessary updates, perform regular checks, etc., as a part of the website or application operation.
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Separately, it’s worth noting a team management branch. Here, specialists develop effective working strategies and cooperation methods that improve software entire engineering team efficiency.

Advantages of Turnkey Software Development

If an IT agency employs effective working strategies and has skilled programmers, such a service is much cheaper than separate-stage app creation. Furthermore, you can save much time by ordering full-cycle software making. That’s because of simplified communication within the specified development method.

How to Choose a Reliable IT Company


First, you should pay attention to the agency’s certificates. Reputable IT enterprises typically have all the necessary licenses and permissions. It’s also necessary to consider the following things:

  • experience of a company (that’s usually reflected in a portfolio);
  • reviews of previous IT agency clients (you may find them on the internet);
  • pricing (too low prices are usually offered by doubtful companies).

You may find more information on this theme in topical blogs, e.g., at intetics.com.


Turnkey software product engineering is a favorable app creation method that allows for saving time and money. This service includes all development stages. So, you don’t have to additionally search for any IT specialists after a project is finished in this case. Experts recommend ordering the specified service from trustworthy companies only. Otherwise, you risk wasting funds on low-quality IT product-making.


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