What To Do When Windows 10/8.1 Update Gets Stuck ?

What To Do When Windows 10/8.1 Update Gets Stuck ?
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Solution to Windows update stuck checking for updates Windows users have a really big stack of issues related to the Windows Updates. And, the way it is delivered to the users. Generally, in the new windows 10 – Microsoft forgot to provide the Stop Update Button to the users. But, after complete update of the windows OS. You’ll know that they’ve finally come with most of the user’s issues solved. Sometimes, While updating the windows to the latest configuration – it gets stuck to the older version. And, don’t show any progress at all. So, in that case – you need to follow some methods to use your computer efficiently.

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And, today in this article – I’m going to share few of my methods and knowledge with all of you. I Hope, that these methods will definitely help you out in the current situation. If you find any problem or doubt – feel free to leave a comment below. I’ll try to help you out. Let’s have a look at these methods of mine. 🙂

When Windows Update Gets Stuck!

Windows, Due to some incompatibility (maybe – hardware incompatibility, or software incompatibility) stops the updating process of the software. And, it seems to be stuck – while the windows update process neither goes up or goes down. And, you keep waiting for the moment – you can shut down your PC after successful update. But, that moment may never come.

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So, in this article – we are going to such problem. Where your Windows update gets stuck and Doesn’t move a bit in progress. You can try these simple methods and fix the problem on your own.

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Methods to Solve Windows Update Problem

Here, I’ve selected these 5 steps – which you can follow one after the other – if the previous one doesn’t work out. So, it is sure that – till the last method – either your problem is solved or you’ll get to understand it much better. let’s have a look. 🙂

#1 Ctrl + Alt + Del key Combo

The ultimate savior of all kind of situations. This key combo will work in all scenarios in windows – even when the OS gets Hang itself. So, You can use this Key combo to open task manager, restarting PC or shutting it down. When you’ll hold the combo for more than 10 seconds – it will turn off and then turn On your system automatically. It should fix your problem with Windows Update.

#2 Restarting PC – Windows Update Fix

Restarting Your PC will definitely help you out in installing the previously downloaded update and making room for the new updates for your device. Similar to the technique told in the method above. You can either use the key combo or simply restart it. And, It should fix your problem with windows update stacking.

#3 Trying in Safe Mode – Fix Windows Update

If the Problem still not get fixed. SImply restart your PC and, when the PC is getting On – Just press and hold the F8 key on your keyboard. It will take you to the special menu – where you can start Windows in Safe mode. And, in the Safe Mode select the option of Update and restart PC from the Shutdown Menu. And, This will probably fix your problem of Windows Update getting Stuck.

#4 Resetting Device Configuration

The Final option – Most of the times, this fixes all the problems. All you need to do is to press windows key and, type ‘Reset‘. And, Accept to reset PC – while keeping all your files still in the PC. And, this will remove all the old windows files and fix the corrupted files which may be the reason for you facing these problems. Please Note that all your 3rd party software will be removed automatically. So, keep this thing in mind.

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#5 Reinstalling Windows – Windows Fix

The Last, and ultimate step to fix the problem. Because, it is better to renew everything – instead of facing the same problems again and again. I highly recommend you to change the windows – maybe try to install different windows version. it may increase your chances of finding more compatible windows distribution. 🙂

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That is enough for this article. Hope, You’ll like the article and the information provided via this platform. If you are in doubt or want to improve me in the article itself – please feel free to leave a comment below. I’ll try to help you out. You can also ask your queries and questions from the comments section. Thanks for your time and trust. I’ll see you in the next article with more informative articles. 🙂