The Robots Are Taking Over? What You Need To Know About Artificial Intelligence in 2017.


Unless you have been living under a rock, chances are you know at least one form of artificial intelligence being used in modern society. It is everywhere you go, and to some it might seem like we cannot escape this every prevalent technology.  Certainly, it has become quite the hot topic over recent years, and not just in the world of business, but everywhere in the world. There are some mixed reviews however, on whether or not AI is something that is good for the world, or potentially dangerous. Whatever your opinion, it is safe to say that nothing is going to change the face artificial intelligence is here to stay. Here are some things you should know about AI as we come to the end of 2017.

The development of artificial intelligence is truly an incredible thing, with an amazing amount of potential. With development ever increasing, the future of artificial intelligence is looking great. In fact, the amount of progress that artificial intelligence has made between the years 2000 and 2017 is equal to all of the developments made in the entire 20th century. This is only going to continue, and as of 2017, things more advanced than ever. In ten years time, the world of artificial intelligence will be wildly different, with advancements on a yearly basis being unprecedented.

What You Need To Know About Artificial Intelligence
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Artificial intelligence is at work even when you least suspect it, and in the things and aspects of your life that you use most commonly. For instance, Cortana and Siri are both forms of artificial intelligence that most people use regularly and honestly could not live without in some cases. In some cases, artificial intelligence might be ever so slightly hidden, but nonetheless present. Video games, medical research, and vacuum cleaners do not have too much in common, but they all make use of artificial intelligence. This is one of the most surprising AI aspects that people in 2017 should definitely get used to. It is only going to become more wide spread.

What You Need To Know About Artificial Intelligence
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Have you ever wondered why the ad on social media pages is similar to a product you recently mentioned in a post, or checked out on your phone? For those of you who are in the business world, you will be aware that artificial intelligence is used a lot in your field. For example, many large businesses use open source intelligence in order to gain the information needed to make their businesses stronger. It is important to know that as a consumer in 2017, businesses are constantly collecting data about your habits in order to better sell more products to you. This helps companies be more secure, productive, and provide better care to their customers. The Internet has definitely helped to shape this process, and it is only going to become more advanced in the future as more and more people put their thoughts, opinions, reviews and complains online for any AI software to find and analyze.

In terms of artificial intelligence, things are only going to become more and more advanced and wide spread across the globe. It’s safe to say, the robots probably aren’t taking over but there are many experts warning against the use of artificial intelligence due to the cause of potential harm if it becomes a little too advanced in the hands of power. In order to protect yourself and your privacy in the future, perhaps the best way of avoiding these problems is by remaining up to date and educated on what is going on in the world of artificial intelligence.


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