What you need to know before betting on sports in India


The advice to “listen to your heart”, so common in everyday life, should certainly not be applied to betting. Therein lies the paradox: in life, where everything is rational, you have to let chance and luck play their part, while in gambling, the reason is paramount.

Gambling itself is risky enough to be played by chance. And there are at least a thousand reasons why you should make an in-depth analysis before you bet. You will find more information on this topic on mega-news.in.

Even in chaos, there is order

There is a tendency to believe that success in betting depends solely on luck and prediction. Interestingly, the word “luck” is used to describe how the dice rolled. It determined whether a bet would win or lose. Today we know that we can control that chance or change in our favor. There are many factors to consider to reduce the chance factor.

3 things to analyze before placing a bet

A beginning bettor will benefit from some aspects that need to be analyzed before making a responsible bet. Not just one nuance should be considered, but several:

  • Make a historical overview of the matches. The past determines the present in many ways. This applies to everyday life as well as to the lives of sports teams. So you can’t make a bet without asking yourself what the history of the relationship is between the two teams or the two players who are about to play a match. Is there any retaliation that 1 team can take against the other team because of a bad experience? What do you need to know about these teams? For example, when 2 teams have already played 2 matches and 1 of them has always won, the third match becomes important to the second team, while team #1 can afford to relax a bit.
  • Refer to intelligent statistics. The importance of statistics must be emphasized. A sports match is never subject to mathematical truths, and statistics sometimes become the enemy of bettors. For example, relying on statistics from the last 10 years on teams that have evolved over that time is meaningless. For this reason, the source of the data one reads is crucial to its validity. As a side note. Many sites provide reliable data about each match online to help players.
  • Assess the condition of each team. The state of a team is judged by its latest results, which are shown in part by the statistics. But the situation of the team itself also matters. Are any of the players sick or injured? Were there any transfers? If so, what are the results of those transfers and their impact on the team?
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Another question to ask is, “How tired are the players?” For example, it has been noted that teams have few rest days between Champions League games (which are on Wednesdays) and championship games (played on Saturdays). For this reason, the number of rest days for each team is crucial. You should refer to the calendar to study the different matches and competitions in which each team participates.

Don’t bet on something you don’t know about. There is no point in betting on rugby if you have only limited knowledge of the rules of the game. How can you win a bet on a try or a kick if you don’t even know what it means in rugby? If you are a soccer fan, bet on soccer. Or get thoroughly research the field before you decide to bet on it.

The realities are not the same in different sports. In soccer, for example, betting on a draw is reasonable, while in rugby, betting on a draw is mostly unprofitable. The rules of the game also vary from discipline to discipline. In soccer, a goal gives you a point. In other disciplines like basketball, the number of points is determined by several factors. To avoid mistakes, bet on what you know exactly.

Tip: Don’t bet just because you are a fan of a particular sport and you have your favorite teams there. You should play with your head, not your heart.

Think about the match, this is extremely important. Ask yourself which team will win the upcoming match. The ideal image is of friendly matches. Such a friendly match is a match with no big stakes. Teams play it with their mates. No one will put a lot of energy into such a match. In any case, a championship final is always played differently than a friendly one. A match decisive for qualification provided the team is eliminated anyway, is always played without enthusiasm.

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In a nutshell, it’s important to remember that betting is not just a matter of chance. It is also a game based on common sense. One must work to reduce the role that luck plays in betting through rigorous and objective analysis.

How to bet on sports in India with minimum deposits

The buying power of the betting market in India is much smaller than in Europe. Operators of local gambling clubs take this into account. Therefore, Indian bettors get more loyal conditions for betting on sports.

The minimum deposit in the majority of betting clubs is not more than INR 100. This amount can be afforded by everyone. Money is transferred via local e-wallets or international bank cards. By the way, the cash desk of Indian casinos is as good as in European clubs.

Winning in sports betting with a minimum deposit can be done in several ways:

  • With the help of bonus options. A visitor to the online club will be able to activate gifts from an inviting portfolio of promotions. Operators offer bonuses through promo codes. We are talking about a free bet, the value of which can reach 5000 Indian rupees.
  • With accumulator bets. With one coupon, the bettor will be able to collect several events at once. Many bookmakers in India give extra multipliers if the bet works, where the outcomes of 5-10 matches are played at once. The winnings can be increased by 15-20%.
  • With deposit bonuses. Any first deposit will be increased by 100%. This is a basic bonus offered by every other bookmaker. The money goes into the bonus balance and becomes a kind of money reserve for the player.

When choosing a bookmaker, professionals recommend focusing on the level of preparation of the official website. Not every company offers informative statistics and live sporting disciplines. All this greatly complicates the making of a prediction.

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How to withdraw winnings from a bookmaker’s club in India

Withdrawing payouts from bookmakers is not that difficult. India has loyal rules for all players. Both a rich high roller and a poor beginner will be able to get their payout on the due date.

Every betting club operates under similar rules. These conditions are dictated by the company regulator. Players are required to do the following:

  • Win back active bonuses. Each bookmaker allows only one prize option to be activated per account at a time. Therefore, as a rule, there are no difficulties with the wagering of promotions. In any case, the bonus can be waived at any time and immediately open a cashout for withdrawal.
  • Prove your age of majority. Both in India and other countries, bookmakers can only allow adults to make financial transactions. The administration cannot take the player’s word for it. Therefore, scans of documents and selfies are requested from the visitor. In India, bettors use a driver’s license or passport.
  • To reach the withdrawal limit. With the fulfillment of this condition, as a rule, there are no problems. The fact is that the till is ready to pay out money from the amount of 100 Indian rupees. It is possible to earn such money even at the minimum odds of 1.2.

The method of withdrawal for a bettor is better to think through in advance. It is customary to withdraw large amounts of money to bank cards. The money takes longer to be withdrawn, but a considerable amount can be withdrawn at one time. Electronic wallets are suitable for those who play with minimum deposits and do not strive for a big score. Payouts of 300-500 INR can be obtained in just a couple of seconds.

The easiest way to withdraw money from the bookmaker’s office in India is through a mobile app. And in general, to do, betting through the program from the operator is quite reasonable. The delay in registering a bet in play is no more than a fraction of a second. A visitor to the gambling club will be able to catch favorable odds, not lose it and play it according to a prearranged strategy.

The section of financial operations is supervised by special staff. You can communicate with them through the chat room on the main page of the official site.