What You Should Know About Desk Booking System


Your organization will need to encompass various systems and activities for it to be successful. A desk booking system is among the fundamental software your business will require to facilitate hybrid and flexible working methods. This system enables its users to conveniently book desks before visiting the office. 

The efficiency of your desk booking software will be determined by elements such as; 

  • How customizable the booking system is to facilitate the organization’s and team’s agility. 
  • How easy it is for workers to book various desks.

History of the Desk Booking System

Although the history of this system is long and dull, its future is likely to be more extended and bright. 

Most of the desk booking software solutions utilized in the past were part of the Integrated Workplace Management Systems. The Integrated Workplace Management Systems were primarily cumbersome and complex and mainly used in the real estate sector to manage complexity. Also, it was used in facility and space management for corporate customers’ needs. A typical Integrated Workplace Management System involves a booking component for handling hot desk bookings only. This was facilitated by a kiosk installed in a specific office, providing a suboptimal experience for its users. Since technology is deeply rooted in our lives, workplaces must embrace these changes too. 

The Factors to Consider When Implementing a Desk Booking System include

Ease of Use

Your ideal system should allow users to book and work from anywhere. Besides, the main focus when selecting a desk booking system should include potential access to the application and ease of use. This will significantly influence employee satisfaction and the incorporation of your booking solution. Some of the features you should include are; 

  • Ability to book from a Mobile app
  • Integrate a Calendar solution
  • Ability to book from a Web portal
  • Ability to book from google chrome
  • Allow booking from a collaboration system

System Configuration and Customization

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A sound desk booking system should encompass highly configurable and customizable systems to suit each user’s need for agility. The most significant components you must look out for include the following;

  • Delegated desk bookings
  • Configurable interactive floorplan management
  • Desk booking policies
  • Private desk bookings
  • Advanced analytics
  • Automated and easy-to-use check-in systems
  • Intelligent scheduling and collaboration abilities

Advantages of a Desk Booking Software

An ideal desk booking system can help you achieve a more collaborative and productive work experience for your workers. Additionally, proper implementation of this system can help reduce your costs. For instance, implementing a desk hoteling strategy can optimize your business environment utilization, thus achieving more from your real estate. 

How can I Commence the Desk Booking System Incorporation and Implementation?

The easiest and best way to commence is by checking out GoBright company. GoBright will provide you with the best desk booking systems and solutions services. They can also guide you on areas you find complex and brainstorm for the perfect solutions. 

Since every business aims to realize substantial growth and development over time, it is best to incorporate desk booking solutions.