WhatsApp Features Post Acquisition By The Social Media Giant Facebook

In a dynamic competitive era where everything has an update, a better version or can we say is evolving? From using first ever telephone in the year 1876 to first ever mobile phone in 1973 by Motorola to first ever smartphone in 1995. Technology has evolved drastically and so is the mode of communication from letters to calls to messages. Well in all of this the means of messaging has evolved too! How? And when? Well, let us discover this with taking one example of your most favourite application of the current time.whatsapp-features-post-acquisition-min

From just offering to basic features, WhatsApp has grown to be one in all application. There is a reason that it is growing out to be as one of the most important modes of communication nowadays. Almost everything is shared over WhatsApp now, ever noticed how drastically WhatsApp has changed over a period of time? Or maybe after an acquisition ?
WhatsApp was in the top 20 application of the Google play store, United States. The user base of WhatsApp is increasing every day with a lightning speed and in the Financial year 2018, the company is expecting to make a profit of 1 billion dollars. But what has contributed to the WhatsApp’s ever increasing user base? Is it the features? Is it because it is free? Or because it is more flexible comparatively! There has some to be some reason for this incredible growth WhatsApp has noticed ever since the acquisition. What is it? What is the add on to the list of features that WhatsApp offers? How does it makes it better and makes it the one shop stop for communication in the 108 countries where there is a presence of WhatsApp.
Now, this article will enlighten you about how much WhatsApp has evolved and developed ever since the acquisition, right from making the WhatsApp service free forever for the users to building up many new features. Following are the features that have been added to WhatsApp.

1. Call back option

No balance? Want to make an urgent call? Whatsapp has solved you that problem too! Now a WhatsApp user can make unlimited call’s via WhatsApp, all a user need is to have an internet connection. you can read more about WhatsApp calling feature now from quora. A WhatsApp user even has a call back option. isn’t it just great? When have u to pay nothing from your pocket and can talk for hours? Even better when u function on Wifi!

2. End to end encryption

There was a lot of chaos about this update of WhatsApp. So what it is? How it really works? And how is it beneficial to us? Well, unlike Musically followers, WhatsApp end to end encryption is basically to secure all the chats between the receiver and the sender. The company is working over a long time on this feature, it is to make sure that the conversation can not be cracked by anyone externally.
Isn’t it great? Now a WhatsApp user is completely secure about his personal conversations and is free to speak their mind out!

3. Blue check mark

One of the craziest updates of WhatsApp, which helped the user to know if the receiver has read the message or no. avoiding has now become a difficult task, Indeed! However, you can completely hide your online status with some cool WhatsApp mod apps like Gb WhatsApp etc. Well, there are more pros of the feature then cons. With this incredible update, WhatsApp users have fallen in love with the application even more. Not only can this but a user even hides this feature. How? Well, go to your settings and off the read option.

4.More administrators

Are facing problems being an admin? Adding and removing people? Well, don’t worry now a group can have multiple group admins! Yes, no responsibility of adding or removing from the group is only on you.

5. Group information

Got added to random groups? Don’t know who added you? And who all are the participants? When was the group created? Well if you want answers to all these questions, WhatsApp’s latest update has made all of this possible! Now a WhatsApp user can get handy information about all the groups the person is in!

6. Photo caption

Everyone is sharing various types of media all over WhatsApp every day. Over 1 billion million active users of WhatsApp shares around 40 million images nowadays. Seeing such drastic usage of this service. Whatsapp has come up with their update where a user can caption a particular picture to avoid any confusion for the receiver. Isn’t it just awesome? Now you can share even more images and caption each of them with whatever you like.

7. Sending PDF and documents

Tired of emailing every small document? Want to cut the chase and make it direct? Well, now WhatsApp has become your friend next door! A user can send N’ number of documents and pdf’s via this application. One of the best update WhatsApp has come up with recently is this.

8. Pop-up messages

This feature of WhatsApp has made the notifications work with more ease. They not only notify you quickly about your messages but also a user can reply to them instead of opening the whole chat. Beneficial enough? These pop-up messages never let you miss on you some important messages. Ever since the acquisition WhatsApp is becoming one of the most used application because of the features it offers their users are more of a package of different applications altogether. India rank in the top most country’s who uses this application frequently. There has been an increment of half a billion user’s of WhatsApp after the acquisition noticed in the year 2016.