Why Is Web Design Important in Glasgow?

Web Design Important

meetingIn the past few years, the purpose of a website has changed, and it is no longer just about putting content on it. A well-designed website is an important part of a business’s marketing plan. Its primary goal is to delight users, so that they will return and buy products or services from your business. While many factors are considered when designing a website, usability, performance, and brand consistency are just three of the most Web Design Important

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Usability of web design refers to the process of making a website usable for users. Many people have misconceptions about usability. The belief that usability is a costly process is a myth. Thousands of pounds are spent on usability testing by multi-national corporations. However, it is possible for everyday companies to create a usable website without having to hire expensive usability experts or invest in costly testing equipment. Even the most basic web designer can learn how to improve their designs through various articles and resources. 

Consider Netflix as an example. Their website is highly usable on mobile devices and tablets. The mobile version is clean and clutter-free and follows a logical hierarchy of content. In addition to improving usability, Netflix also has an impressively high rating from users. Usability is an essential part of any design. However, it is important to remember that usability is a broad concept that encompasses a wide variety of factors.

Usability also includes accessibility considerations. This includes making sure that a website is compatible with screen readers, screen magnifiers, and other assistive technology. A lack of accessibility consideration can create significant barriers for some users, preventing them from using the web. Good usability includes providing clear instructions and feedback to users. Inaccessible sites also limit the usage of a website by people with disabilities, thereby reducing its usability.

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The performance of your website is directly linked to the quality of its web design. A well-designed site attracts a lot of traffic because visitors are more likely to visit it. You can increase performance through efficient web design in Glasgow. You can achieve higher page speed by compressing and optimising images and videos, enabling cache, deactivating plug ins and you can try to minify CSS and JSHence. 

A well-designed site with quality content always has a place on the first two pages of Google. But don’t forget to be memorable and keep your audience coming back. Brand consistency is also a key way to increase the performance of your website


Brand consistency

For businesses that produce multiple products in Glasgow, brand consistency is especially important. For example, when users use Apple’s products, they expect to see the same design across all of them, including the colour and size of fonts. In addition, if a brand offers voice-activated technology, users should have the same experience, such as saying “Hey Siri” to communicate with a voice assistant. The same principle applies to websites. You can contact companies which do web design Glasgow. They can implement your fonts, logos, and branding directly on to your website.

Moreover, a website’s design should correlate with the overall brand consistency. If your website is branded, people will associate it with the performance of your business. Similarly, how your company presents itself on the Internet will reflect the image of your company offline. If your website is inconsistent, your customers might not trust you. In such a case, it will be impossible to attract new customers. Web design is essential for brand consistency, so that you can be recognized and trusted by your customers.


When designing a website, remember that your customers will be looking for consistent information. Consistency is important because it makes end users feel comfortable. Think about it: When you go to a favourite restaurant, you expect the same type of food. If you want customers to feel at home in your business, they expect your website to reflect the same level of professionalism and dependability. Having the same visual identity across all platforms is crucial for brand consistency. If you can’t do it alone, web designers Glasgow can always give you a hand online.

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