Why Ruby On Rails Has Been a Good Solution ?

Why Ruby On Rails Has Been a Good Solution In 2016 ?
Why Ruby On Rails Has Been a Good Solution In 2016 ?

Ruby on Rails means Rails is a web application framework that is built around the Ruby language. The language was developed in the mid-1990s by Yukihiro Matsumoto. He wanted to create a new object-oriented language that incorporated several other language features. Rails came to life from a project by David Heinemeier Hansson as part of 73signals’ Basecamp.

Why Ruby On Rails Has Been a Good Solution In 2016 ?A web application framework has a set of rules and designs that inspire development. The common term convention over configuration is a preferred term for Rails. What that means, the framework has been designed to make it easier for developers to work with certain standards and not have to make drawn out decisions regarding structuring the application. This allows for all Rails applications to have a common feel no matter who wrote it.

This is proving to be a plus for businesses to have their applications developed, released, and maintained by different developers at any given time. Developers can spend more time addressing how a business operates and the rules in their application instead of trying to understand how someone else wrote it. Less time is spent attempting to make decisions for structuring the application. This saves businesses a great deal of time and money because if a development team is changed, the cost will be greatly reduced in comparison to other frameworks that new developers would have to learn.

There are many factors that must be addressed when deciding on a framework for a new project, one being the constant change to the internet as it continues to evolve. Developers are constantly challenged with new changes on the horizon. Learning various frameworks that are designed to meet the new challenges of the web, or even creating new frameworks for the future of the web, is a challenge.

Rails has been in existence for 14 years and has continually evolved and matured to meet the recent changes as well as future changes. There are many JavaScript frameworks such as AngularJS, while Rails has stayed relevant by performing as a solid API backend. This is echoed in Rails 5 and is even more simple for setting up an application that uses its framework’s features to easily create an API.

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Changes have been taking place for well over 12 years and the process has been relatively smooth. There does seem to be strong opinions that the features are being injected into place. In order for frameworks to grow and adapt for developers can be pretty painful and by no means an easy feat. Many new decisions were made to allow developers to influence subdivisions of the framework when appropriate.

How Popular Is Rails With Companies ?

There are many large companies that use Ruby on Rails Shop including Airbnb, Hulu, and Shopify to name a few. Numerous new frameworks have been developed over recent years and each dealing with various challenges for the constantly changing web. Many of these new frameworks are attempting to make it easier for developers to write code that will run on their client’s devices or using a singular language across the entire framework.

Rails using Ruby and JavaScript is set apart from Node based frameworks that only use JavaScript. There are a great deal more options for developers when choosing a good framework in comparison to 2004 when Rails was first released. Rails will make it easier for a business to get good developers to work on their new Rails projects.

Ruby on Rails is still an extremely popular choice among many businesses. Whether it will remain the popular choice, that it once was, will depend on the development of other frameworks. Its popularity grew because there was nothing to compare it with, but, it’s still a very strong choice.

In conclusion, it is still widely believed that Ruby on Rails is just as relevant as it has always been and is an excellent choice for many new and existing projects. Many new, up and coming frameworks are still pretty immature in comparison to the maturity of Ruby on Rails. Ruby on Rails is constantly evolving and will continue to for many years to come.

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