WiFiKill PRO Apk 2018 [No Root] Latest Version Free Download Full Version

WiFiKill PRO Apk 2018 [No Root] Latest Version Free Download Full Version
WiFiKill PRO Apk 2018 [No Root] Latest Version Free Download Full Version

Wifikill Pro Apk 2018 is an android app which is used by modern-day hackers to hack into your wifi systems. You can also use it to cut off internet connection for devices which are connected to a particular network. WifiKill Pro is a great hacking tool which can disconnect any unwanted connections from your Wifi Internet. wifikill pro apk latest version

WiFiKill PRO Apk No Root Latest Version – With the technology increasing in this modern era, we are spending countless hours on surfing internet. Let it be an educational site or social networking site. We do use the internet to access them all. Today, many people do have access to affordable Wifi plans to facilitate their internet activities. However, most of the internet connections are vulnerable these days. And these can be hacked by using simple applications such as WiFiKill pro apk latest version.

WiFiKill Pro APK Latest Version Free Download Full Version 2018

So today we are going to discuss about a legendary app which is known as WiFiKill Pro APK. In general terms, this app can help you to sieze network connections of different connected devices. These kinds of attempts are made by hackers to completely shut off their target’s internet connection. But with modern technology, you can do it as well. WFiKill Pro is a hacking tool which allows a user to cut off internet connections for any device which might be using your WiFi connection.

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You might be wondering that how would I know if someone else is using your internet connection? Well, if you have a good internet connection, it will definitely lure out some hackers. If you have subscribed to high-speed internet plan, but you’re still getting ow speeds while downloading or surfing the web. Then the chances are that somebody else might be using your network.

So to fix this problem, members of XDA developers teamed up and made an app called WiFiKill Pro latest APK. This app has the potential to kick out any unwanted device which is connected to your network with a single button. Let us get to know more about WiFiKill Pro APK.

What Is WiFiKill Pro Latest APK?

 As we already mentioned above that WifiKill Pro is a hacking tool used by hackers to barge into your network connections. Now, you can also use it to block other unwanted users from your network as well. Basically, WiFiKill Pro APK is a hacking app by which you can close off the connection of device from a particular network.

There are many WiFi apps available on both playstore and other android markets which claim to be a legit hacking tool. But beware, as these apps might collect your sensitive data and sell it in order to make money out of it. Only use trusted and authentic applications such as Wifi Kill Pro.

This is because it is trusted by many professionals and it is available on playstore as well. So you don’t have to worry about it being a virus or a malware app. After downloading it, you can use it to cut off internet connection for the devices which you don’t recognize. This will help you to better understand about where is your internet bandwidth is going. Well, enough talk about the app. Let’s have a look at some of its awesome feature.

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Features Of WiFiKill Pro:

WifiKill Pro APK comes with a bunch of useful features. These features are something which is far better than any other tools have offered so far. Let me tell you about some of its mindblowing features of this app. So buckle up your belts, let us have a look at its features:

  • First of all, the app is completely free to use for the public. It is nice that the developer is not charging up money for this awesome and useful app. A good developer and a great app indeed!
  • You can use WifiKill Pro APK to kill other people’s devices from your network. You can also kick out other devices from the network from which you are connected from.
  • You can also use this app as a hacking tool to check out the vulnerability of your Wifi router. It is never late to take precautions. Afterall, internet connection is such a precious gift to mankind.
  • You can also use this app to regulate the amount of internet bandwidth to other connected users. You can set up their threshold limit as well as daily bandwidth quota.
  • WifiKill Pro APK also supports “UDP Protocol Blocking” feature. By using this, you can easily blick up any unnecessary UDP protocols.

Well, these were some of the best features from WifiKill pro APK. There are many more features as well which you can enjoy after downloading the app.

Download WiFiKill Pro APK Latest Version 2018:

Let us talk about how to download WifiKill Pro APK. You can find this app on any websites as well as on various download portals. But beware, as many of those applications are fake and contain viruses. Always download the app from playstore. If you can not access or download the app from playstore, then don’t worry. We are providing Official WifiKill Pro APK download link below. Just click on it and download will start automatically.

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Download WifiKill Pro Apk

APK Information

App Name WiFiKill Pro APK
Package wifikill.net_wifikill_apk_2.3.2_safe.apk
Android Version 4.0 and Above
Total Downloads 100,000+
Developer XDA App Developer
Main Feature WiFi Controller

How To Install WiFiKill Pro APK On Android

Step 1. First of all, you need to root your device if you wish to use WifiKill Pro apk. After successfully rooting your device. Simply download the apk file given below.

Download WifiKill Pro Apk

Step 2. After downloading the apk file on your smartphone, you need to enable the Unknown Source on your device. To do that, you need to go to this setting page – Settings > Security > Unknown Sources

Step 3. Go you your downloads folder and fin the downloaded APK. Then simply click on file and install it via pressing the okey button.

Step 4. Now connect to any of the wifi networks near you. Then open the app and click on the start button. Grant superuser permission if necessary.

Step 5. Wait for the app to scan the available networks. It will scan all the devices which are currently connected to the same network.

Step 6. Now select any user which you wish to kick out from your network. Then click on the grab button.

Step 7. After that, you will be able to see all the data consumption from that user. Now you need to swipe if you wish to kill that user form the network. After killing the user, he or she won’t be able to access the internet from that connection. If you wish to kill all the users except you then simply choose the option “Grab all devices” and click on the kill button.

So, guys, this is how you can use WifiKill Pro apk to kill unwanted users from your network. We hope that you liked this tutorial.

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