Windows 10 Creators Update is now Offer a next-gen Ransomware Protection !

next-gen Ransomware Protection
next-gen Ransomware Protection

We already know that in previous 3-4 months there are millions of windows computers affected by ransomware attacks such as wanna-cry, mamba and more. So windows 10 is going to introduce a next-gen Ransomware Protection system to protect your file and folders that third party applications won’t able to change your files.

So guys let me straight to the point. We already have Windows Defender Security Centre in our windows so they add one more feature that you can control your files and folder access. You can find this feature in window defender security settings. Basically, they introduce this features because of ransomware attacks and protect you from other malicious activity on your computer that changes your computer files.

Windows 10 Creators Update Offer Protection from Wanna-Cry like Ransomware

Like I said the only purpose of this new features is to protect important files and folders that you can securely store in your computers. Controlled folder access monitors the changes made by a third-party application. If any app is trying to make changes in a protected folder so that app is blacklisted automatically and you can also add any app manually.

Windows 10 Creators Update is now Offer a next-gen Ransomware Protection
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According to Microsoft this Windows 10 Creators Update is falling in this September 2017 and tighten the security of latest windows 10 Operating system to protect from ransomware attacks. Microsoft almost did full research on ransomware attacks and found its I really affect public services, hospitals, and other high-tech profiles and in the year of 2016 there is $1 Billion paid by victims and rapidly increasing day by day so that why they offer you now ransomware protection that can secure yours from ransomware attacks.

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