6 Common Windows 10 Problems and Possible Solutions & Fixes !

Windows 10 Problems and Possible Solutions & Fixes
Windows 10 Problems and Possible Solutions & Fixes

Most business users now use computers more than other devices. Most of these business owners or individual users make use of Microsoft Windows on their PC. The latest Windows so far is Windows 10. Windows 10 has proven to be a better upgrade over Windows 7 and 8.1, most users encounter plenty of issues. If you are an experienced user, you can easily fix some of these problems.

However, if you don’t have skilled knowledge on how to fix some of these problems, you’ve to hire an expert to fix your PC. This article will help you understand how you can fix common Windows 10 problems whether flaws feature problems or flat-out bugs. Here are the most annoying problems and how to troubleshoot them:

1. Speed up a slow PC

Even though Windows 10 is the fastest Windows right now, it is still vulnerable to the common issues that slow down PCs e.g. filling a hard drive with junk files and numerous background applications that waste the memory of the PC. So as to keep your PC clean and optimized, you can speed it up by:

a.) Reducing start up programs when booting your windows, many programs will start even though they are not needed at the time. Since this reduces the speed of your Personal Computer, you need to remove the startup programs you don’t need. To achieve this, search ‘system configuration’ on the windows search field and open the application. Then, click on the services’ tab so that you can ‘hide all Microsoft services’ that you don’t need. You will be able to free up some memory to boost the speed of your PC.

Windows 10 Problems and Possible Solutions & Fixes
Windows 10 Problems and Possible Solutions & Fixes

b.) Uninstall the programs you don’t use. Uninstalling programs you no longer use will speed up your PC because you will free up space. You can just highlight the applications you don’t need on your control panel and then install then by clicking ‘uninstall/change’ button.

c.) Find junk files and delete them. This is the third method to lighten up your hard drive. Junk files are usually temporary files than build up on your system during operation. You just need to search “Disk cleanup” on your windows search field and then open the app. Then select the files you want to be deleted, usually on disk C and then “clean system files”.

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Alternatively, you can just use “CleanMyPC” app to remove junks, clean registries, and fixing applications which have not been installed properly. All this is achieved and with just a single click once you’ve installed the app on your PC!

2. Failure to play DVDs:

This problem is a feature related because Microsoft launched its Operating System (OS) without a media player, However, they have launched the Windows DVD player application on their Microsoft store To play DVDs, you need to pay around £11.59 for the app. But if you upgrade from any other Windows you will get the app for free. Alternatively, you can opt to use free options e.g. VLC.

3. Printer trouble:

Most Windows 10 users complain about printer trouble because the drivers don’t match. It is however easy to fix a printer trouble because you will just need to remove and reinstall printer drivers. To properly and successfully do this, access your control panel and then select ‘devices and printers’ only.

Then, right click on your printer and uninstall them. After you are done, install appropriate drivers depending with the model of your printer. You will have to install these drivers from the printer manufacturer’s website to get authentic drivers. If the website does not have Windows 10 drivers, Windows 7 or 8.1 are also compatible and can also do.

4. Opening files using the wrong apps:

Windows 10 is set to open any of its files using its default apps. However, since the best apps are not only from Windows, most users like personalizing. If you want Windows to open particular files using your preferred app, you will have to set it manually.
For the files opening using the wrong app, right click on them, click on ‘Open with’ and then choose your preferred app and select ‘Always use this app’ and then click 0k. Every time you double-click on the file, it will be opened using only the selected app.

5. Removing Pop-up ads in Microsoft Edge Browser:

Microsoft Edge Browser is the new windows default browser and it’s fast and user-friendly. However, it has annoying pop-ups ads which not only get in the way while browsing but also can redirect or even cause problems e.g. downloading junk files when clicked. If you want to remove these pop-ads, you need to open the browser and click on the three dots found at the top right corner of the app. Select ‘settings’ and then scroll down to click on ‘View advanced settings’. Here, you should make sure that ‘block pop-ups’ is turned on.

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6. PC freezing due to anniversary updates:

Microsoft has confirmed that some users have complained about anniversary updates freezing their computers! It is a common problem with PCs hanging up restart or locking out mouse and keyboard input as well.

One of the recommended solution to fix this problem is to perform a clean install of windows. This was recommended by Microsoft to the affected users. You can do this using either of the two methods:’ Downloading the media creation tool and then installing it in their PCs. After installing, select ‘Upgrade this PC now’ and then click next to complete the process.’ Secondly, you can upgrade your Windows using the Windows 10 ISO file. To do this right, visit a relevant Microsoft community page to get directions and guidelines.