Windows 7 Professional Product Key for 32/64 Bit

Windows 7 Professional Product Key for 32/64 Bit *NEW*
Windows 7 Professional Product Key for 32/64 Bit *NEW*

Most of us use the Windows operating system on our computers. And this is not news that most households still use a pirated copy of windows. Now it is straightforward and cheap to get a genuine window by entering a Windows 7 Professional Product Key during activation. Today in this very article, we will talk about Windows 7 Professional Product Key and how you can use it. So stay tuned and read up to the last.

Did you just lose your windows product key? Are you using a pirated version of windows? Do you want to activate your windows for free? Well, if the answer to these questions is yes, then you’re at the right place! Today we are going to discuss Windows 7 Professional Product Key. By using these product keys, you can successfully activate your windows license. So without any further wait, let’s get started.

How Do You Get a Windows 7 Pro Product Keys?

Windows 7 Professional Product Key for 32/64 Bit

Windows uses Windows 7 Professional Product Key as a measure to confirm your purchase. This is for those people who try to install pirated versions of Windows on their machines. So how can you activate your windows if you don’t have the key? Well, there are two possible solutions to this problem.

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First Option: Buy the original product key from the Microsoft website. Then later, use it to confirm the legit copy of your windows installation.

Second Option: Copy a legit windows 7 pro product key from the windows 7 professional product key list down below. Use that key to register your copy Windows version.

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Now the first method will definitely cost you a lot of money. However, the second method is completely free of cost. This is because we will provide you some free Windows 7 Professional Product key List down below. You can copy them and use them as many times as you want.

Why Do Keys Found on the Internet Rarely Work?

Now I’m sure that you have been to other sites before visiting this one. You will probably wonder that will these product keys work? Well, the honest answer is that we will never know. All we can do is try and expect it to work. After all, it’s all about the hit and trial game.

This is also because these product keys expire after some time. Most of the websites do not update their database. And as your result, you try to activate windows with expired product keys. But don’t worry, here we update this database regularly. So we assure you that these keys will work for you.

How Does a Windows 7 Pro Product Key Work?

You probably will be wondering how Windows 7 pro product key works? Well, windows are just like a lock. And as always, you need a key to unlock it. To use the windows 7 professional key to unlocking windows, you have to enter it during installation. After that, you can enjoy a premium version of windows for free. There are two different ways you can activate your windows 7 pro product key.

  1. Activate using the Internet
  2. Activate using the phone

You can choose either of these two options during the installation process. So if you don’t have access to a working internet connection, you can use phone verification instead.

Finding Your Windows 7 Key

If you recently purchase a legit copy of windows, you will get a product key. You might find the windows 7 product key at:

  1. Inside your DVD/CD box
  2. Ask your retailer (if you bought a PC with Windows pre-installed)
  3. In your email (If you purchased online)

Microsoft wants you to keep your key safe. But if you’ve lost it, don’t worry. We’re here to help. Find our list of free keys below.

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Windows 7 Professional Product Key 32 Bit


Windows 7 Professional Product Key 64 Bit


Updated – Windows 7 Professional Product Keys 2020

Here’s the updated list of keys. These are 100% new and genuine. Go ahead and give them a try.




So, guys, these were the latest Windows 7 professional product key. We hope that this will work for you. If you are having any issues using these keys, then comment down below. I will try to help you out. Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day.