FIX: Windows Shell Experience Host process using too much Memory / CPU

Windows Shell Experience Host process using too much Memory / CPU
Windows Shell Experience Host process using too much Memory / CPU

Microsoft windows are one of the most famous Computer Operating System out there in the Market. As All Operating systems have multiple background processes running. Few of them are essential OS processes. And they obviously use some of the necessary Computer resources. But sometimes, few of them uses more than what they need. Windows Shell Experience Host Process is one of those important windows processes which is not essential for the proper working of the windows.

Sometimes, Due to hardware issues or Malfunctioning Software bugs – we have to face these kinds of issues. If it is a software issue, which you can solve easily by using the following methods. But, if hardware issue persists – then, it will be a matter of consideration.

Purpose of the Host Process:

But this Host is used to make the user experience with windows better. i.e. It just enhances the view of windows, nothing more than that. In other words, it is used to make the taskbar, title bar etc. of the windows transparent. It also changes the color of the taskbar, title bar etc. automatically, Based on the Colors of your wallpaper. So, it should use very less RAM and CPU.

The Problem:

But due to unknown reasons, In windows 10 this process seems to be a monster. It uses more than what it should be using. Generally, Windows Shell Experience Host Process uses 0.1 MBs of RAM, and in normal cases it uses 0% CPU.Windows Shell Experience Host process using too much Memory / CPU

But thanks to all New Windows 10, it comes with this new bug. Where Windows Shell Experience Host Process almost 125 MBs of RAM, and uses 50% CPU or above. This is the matter of concern, where these processes can use our required resources. And when we need them, they are not available due to this annoying reason.

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How to Look for the Host process:

Looking for the Current scenario and memory + CPU usage is very easy. Just Press The following key Combo on your keyboard.

Ctrl + Shift + Esc.

The Task Manger window will pop up on the screen. Click on More Details button at the bottom of Task manager. Just Find The Process Named “Windows Shell Experience Host Process” And Look for the Corresponding values of the CPU and RAM usage in the table.

The Solution of Windows Shell Experience Host process :

The Process seems to be non-user friendly in most of its cases in windows 10. So, Windows 10 users also encountered the solution to the same. They Suggest to just Turn off the Automatic color changing based on the wallpaper. The Worst thing with windows 10 is, that this Feature is automatically on. Even when you have only one static wallpaper enabled. So, simply Turn this feature off.

  1. Right, Click on Desktop > Personalize.
  2. Select Colors from the Left Side Menu.
  3. Now, Simply Untick the “Automatically pick an accent color to form my background“.
  4. Select a Static color of your choice.
  5. There you go.


You should immediately notice a considerable drop in the CPU and Memory usage. Use The Task manager to have a look at the current scenario. Task manager is an awesome tool to diagnose your OS. Make a habit of watching the Processes running through this tool.

At last, I hope that you’ll like this Article on “Fix: Windows Shell Experience Host process using too much memory/CPU 2016“. If you find any doubt or problem with any explanation. Please do leave a comment and I’ll try to help you. Thanks. ☺