YIFY Proxy: 20+ Fast YIFY Mirrors & Unblocked Proxy List [2019]

YIFY Proxy 2019: If you wish to download movies in 720p HD or 1080p Full HD or BluRay quality. Then the best place to download them is though YIFY movie torrent website. These websites provide the best quality movies with direct download links. So today we will talk about these YIFY Proxy websites. 

Everyone loves watching movies, right? I am sure you do as well. However, finding movies to download on the internet is a pretty hectic task. So thats why people use torrent services to download movies. You can download these torrents via YIFY Movie torrent websites. They are pretty easy to use and straightforward. Many people who were using other torrent websites are now using YIFY movie sites. This is because these sites are easy to use and they get download links to almost every movie.

YIFY Proxy 2019: All YIFY Movie Torrents Unblocked Mirror Sites & Proxy List

If you’re looking for some websites where you can download movies in a single click, then look no more! Today we are going to share a list of 15 best YIFY movies torrent websites. You can use these websites to download movies in 720p and 1080p HD quality. However before giving you the links, let’s talk about YIFY itself.

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What is YIFY movies torrent website

In early 2010, YIFY started to re-encode movies so that they take minimum HDD space. They did it while keeping a respectable level of quality. This was possible because of the new x264 encoding techniques and algorithms for the H.264/MPEG-4 codec. Before they did it with the MKV container, but soon enough they also started with MP4 container. After their first upload, they got a lot of requests to upload more movies. So they kept doing it again and again until they become a trademark in torrent movie downloading industry.

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In March 2011, Official YIFY website was up, and people were using it to download their favorite movies. However, after few years, they faced a lawsuit. Due to this, their website went down. Since that day we are using different YIFY torrent movie download sites.

Why Do We Use Yify Movie Torrent Sites to Watch Movies

You might know this by now that torrent movie downloads are not legal. This is why internet agencies and local ISP networks try to block your internet. These companies are connected directly to the government, and they share website traffic data to them. For instance, you can use a private or open VPN service to mask your IP for a free torrent download. However, these websites might still not be available to you. However, if you are still facing problems in accessing your favorite torrent site. Then I am sharing some of the top YIFY Proxy websites down below. Enjoy!

Benefits of YIFY Mirrors Movie Sites

There are a lot of features which is the reason why a lot of people use YIFY movie sites. Including me as well. So without any wait, let’s go.


The speed of downloading a movie from a YIFY movie torrent site is amazing. You will get crazy fast download speeds even on a slow internet connection.

Easy Interface

If you remember the old torrent sites, then you will realize how hard it was to find the download button. Those sites were just trying to make you fool and trick you to click on their ads. However, this is not the case with these new YIFY torrent websites. You can download a movie with a single speed. It is easy, straightforward and fast.


You will find mostly 720p Bluray and 1080p BluRay quality files on these websites. So if you’re downloading from YIFY, then it is sure that you are downloading the best print.


Each YIFY movie comes with its own subtitles. This means that you don’t have t worry about finding the matching subtitle file separately. All you do is just download and play the movie.

List of 15 YIFY Movies Torrent Mirror Sites & Proxies List 2019

Yify Proxy/Mirror


https://yts.ag/Very Fast
http://www.yify-movies.netVery Fast
https://yts.unblocked.pub/Very Fast
https://yifymovies.me/Very Fast
https://yts.gs/Very Fast
https://yts.unblocked.team/Very Fast
YTS Proxy ServerSlow
YIFY Movies ProxySlow
YIFY Torrent ProxyNormal
YTS Movies ProxySlow


Guys you will find almost same content on these websites. This is because all of them are mirror copies of each other. So if you are not able to access one site, then you can always try another one. You can also use VPN if you wish to download movies anonymously.


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