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Turning YouTube into a karaoke machine

YouTube has tried to implement a feature that lets you put subtitles on top of a video, but it’s rarely accurate, or relevant. If you want to turn YouTube into a karaoke machine, you just need to get the Musixmatch extension for Google Chrome. Next, you will see the lyrics from the songs you play on YouTube appear on-screen. Your move, rockstar.

Sharing precise moments

When the cool thing you want your friends to see is in a challenging point of a video, for example past the half point mark, it can be difficult to actually get them to see it because people are really impatient these days. However, you can use a feature incorporated into YouTube directly in order to share videos from a specific point in the video. Instead of just copying the link from the browser address bar, scroll down and hit the Send tab from the command panel under the video screen.  From there, you will be given  the video link with a little checkbox underneath it. Checking that box will alter the link, adding a custom start point based on where the video is currently paused. Copy over the custom link and give it to your friends so their video skips directly to the good part.