YOWhatsApp APK v7.95 Latest Version Free Download 2019

YOWhatsApp APK v7.40 Latest Version Free Download 2018
YOWhatsApp APK v7.40 Latest Version Free Download 2018

YOWhatsApp apk free download: Many people use WhatsApp as a primary source of communication in case of personal or group chats. However, WhatsApp has its own limitations as well. If you wish to remove those limitations and want to enjoy WhatsApp to the fullest, then you can install YOWhatsApp apk latest version for android for free. Today we will be talking about YOWhatsApp apk and how to download it.

YOWhatsApp APK v7.95 – We all use social media of one kind or another. WhatsApp is also a kind of messenger and multimedia app. You can chat, update status as well as do audio/video calling on WhatsApp. These apps are now becoming an essential part of our life. So today we will be talking about YOWhatsApp which is actually an advanced version of original WhatsApp. So let us start.

YOWhatsApp APK v7.95 Latest Version Free Download 2019

WhatsApp is a popular instant messaging app since its launch. It is one of the most used instant messaging apps in all over the world. People including general, businessman, working-class men, etc. use WhatsApp for data as well as information sharing. WhatsApp also allows users to make a group so that they can share information as a whole. And im about 100% sure that you are also using WhatsApp as well. Am I right?

YOWhatsApp APK
YOWhatsApp APK

We have to admit that we spend a lot of time on such instant messaging app like WhatsApp. This is because it is so interactive in nature that we cant run away from it. WhatsApp has many features, but some of them are limited as well. Few developers tied up together to pass those limits in order to make WhatsApp a better messaging platform. Now, this new version of WhatsApp is known as YOWhatsApp. YOWhatsApp is a new kind of modded WhatsApp with ton lot of new features. These are many extended features which you can enjoy if you install the latest version of YOWhatsApp on your android device.

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What is YOWhatsApp Apk v7.95?

There are many kinds of modded WhatsApp available and YOWhatsApp in one of them. Now YoWhatsApp is quite different from others. Because it provides a ton lot of features which other WhatsApp mods doesn’t. It is made by a group of third-party Android developers which adds exclusive features that users can enjoy. Some of these features are really good and addictive as well.

YoWhatsApp comes with many features which you won’t find in the original version of WhatsApp. Some of them are hiding the blue tick feature, hiding second ticks, applying themes, ability to lock chats and hiding chats, etc. These kinds of features make this mod pretty good in terms of features. There are many other mods which provide similar features, but YOWhatsApp APK is the best among them.

Features Of YOWhatsApp 7.95

As we already discussed in above that YoWhatsApp comes with a lot of features. Now its time to talk about those features in brief. So, without any further delay, let’s get started.

Unlimited Theme support : This is one of the coolest features of YoWhatsApp. You can literally apply many themes and change the complete look of how the app interface looks. On top of that, you can also change the layout of the app and apply many other settings to chat heads.

Privacy Options : The latest version fo yoWhatsApp APK comes with a bunch of privacy-related settings. Now some of the basic privacy options are available in the original version fo WhatsApp as well. But if you want more privacy options that you can do that by installing the latest version of YoWhatsApp on your device.

App locking : There are many app locking services available out there which puts a lock in front of every app you open. However, the locking system in YOWhatsApp apk is quite different. You can protect your chats with multiple layers of protection.

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Call Filter : Now you can filter out your callers. You can decide whether a person can call you over YOWhatsApp or not. So if someone is giving you random unnecessary calls. Then you can filter them without knowing the other person. the other person thinks that the call is simply not going because of some network issue.

Noncompressed image sharing : In the original version of WhatsApp, the images get cropped before sending to the user. This reduces the quality of the picture. However, this is not the case with YoWhatsApp. You can send high-quality images with full resolution.

Free Download YOWhatsApp APK v7.95 Latest Version 2019

Enough talk about features of YoWhatsApp. Now let us talk about how to download YoWhatsApp. First of all, YoWhatsApp is not available on playstore. This is because it is a modified version of original WhatsApp. But you can still download it from their official site. The download links are given below.

YOWhatsApp Apk v7.40
YOWhatsApp Apk v7.95

Download YoWhatsApp

APK Information:

App Name YoWhatsApp APK
Version v7.95
Last Updated February 2, 2019
Android Version Requires 4.0 and above
Total Downloads 3,500,000+
App Size 45.21 MB
Developer Yousef Al Basha

Change Log

these were some recent changes made to the app.

How To Download And Install Latest YOWhatsApp v7.95 On Android:

Before you start installing the app, make sure that your device’s android version is more than the android jelly bean. This is because the app only supports Android version higher than android jellybean. If your device meets the above requirements, then proceed with the installation guide given below:

Step 1. First of all, you need to download the YOWhatsApp apk file from the link given in the download section above this section. You can also download from the link given below.


Download Alternative

Step 2. After downloading on your smartphone, you need to enable the Unknown Source on your device so that you can perform a manual install. For that, you need to visit Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and check unknown app installations.

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YOWhatsApp Apk v7.40
YOWhatsApp Apk v7.95

Step 3. Now browse the location where you have saved the YOWhatsApp apk file (usually it is the downloads folder) and then tap on it. The installation process will automatically start on your Android device.

Step 4. After successful installation, you will see the screen like below. Here you need to sign up for WhatsApp again with your mobile number.

Step 5. Once the verification process completed, you can start enjoying all the features from YoWhatsApp.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)


There are a lot of question which you might have about YoWhatsApp in your mind. Let us answer few of them.

  • Can I use both official WhatsApp and YoWhatsApp?

Yes, you can use both the apps, but you need two different numbers to operate them separately.

  • Is YoWhatsApp Safe?

It is just a modified version of original WhatsApp. There are no privacy concerns whatsoever.

  • Can I use the same phone number for both apps?

You cant. The moment you will try to do it, you will be automatically logged out from the other app.

  • Is YOWhatsApp Better than other mods?

There are many WhatsApp mods available out there, and YoWhatsApp is kind of unique among them. So definitely try it out, you might like it!


So, guys, this is how you can install YoWhatsApp Apk on your devices. If you’re facing any problem with the installation step, then feel free to ask your queries in the comment section below. We will help you out!