Now you get disconnected from PSN for Disrespecting PS4 Hacker

In a recent report, a teenage hacker by the name of SpangeBaab showed remarkable ability to disconnect any player from PSN if they disrespected him. A user by the name of DowntownReaper on Reddit reported that the hacker joined their party and made annoying noises.

When they kicked him out, he tried to join repeatedly but was ousted each time. The hacker had somehow disconnected a member from the group permanently. None of the ousted friends has been able to connect to PSN due to the erroneous glitch.

After further investigations by MP1ST, it was found that the Spangebaab was indeed the hacker who was responsible for those disconnects. He had been disrespected and as his motto states, Disrespect = Disconnect. He has been doing it via peer-to-peer voice chat that can lead to a person’s IP address detection by analysis of the packets. Once he has the IP address, the user can be banned from the connection altogether

SpangeBaab’s profile (Image Source –

To overcome this, the users have to again get a new IP address by either getting a new internet connection or by setting new IP’s manually. Such DDOS attacks are quite common in PS4 and XBOX systems and it is quite hard to pinpoint the users who carry out such attacks.

Thus, it also becomes imperative for Sony and Microsoft to find reliable solutions to avoid such problems. A fix to this problem is not yet in sight from the point of view of the manufacturers as peer-to-peer voice calls are an integral part of any gaming system. The SpangeBaab’s account is under moderation but it shouldn’t take him much time to get a new account and IP address just like his victims.

Source – MP1ST

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