The Key to Growth Hacking? Master Digital Marketing Basics First

When you think of a hacker, what are you drawing? Maybe someone sits alone in a dark room with evil attacking the company code, trying to enter to steal data for personal gain or to bring havoc? It is a common mental image of a hacker. But a hacker can also be someone who avoids the status quo in a legitimate way and for good purposes, even in the field of marketing.

Hacking growth is a form of marketing that has one goal and one goal only: growth. This is a fairly new marketing method, with the term created in 2010 and the definition is still in the flux. Like other types of hiring, the growth of hacking aggressively looks for new ways to achieve goals. But instead of processing code or stealing information, growth hackers divert traditional marketing systems to increase customers and sales.

What is a hacking of growth?

So what is the actual hacking of growth? At the age of 8, not the term and practice is not long enough to ensure a clear definition, and confusion and misunderstandings abound for that reason. Depending on who you ask, hacking growth is one of the many different things – or a combination of one or more:

– This is how to start technology quickly generate sales.

– This is a way to bypass traditional marketing methods to speed up sales and growth.

– This is a questionable method of marketing ethics.

– This is a keyword.

– This is a useful technique at first employed by startup but is now used by the established company.

– This is a digital marketing technique.

– It is product oriented.

– This is focused both to get customers and maintain it.

…etc. And we may not have a clear definition of hacking growth in the near future until people are accustomed to all the ideas of marketing “hacking”.

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It can be understood that some are hanged on the name. Not everyone likes the term hackers, because it must have a negative connotation. It might also explain why some people consider the hacking of growth somehow unethical. Hacking, however, is the right term because the growth hackers go beyond traditional marketing approaches in pursuit of growth. The growth marketers don’t do anything just because that’s always done. Instead he constantly looks for new smart ways to solve problems and produce growth.

Some examples of growth marketing

Hacking growth as a discipline grew from the need for technology startup to produce immediate sales, and digital companies can easily use completely new techniques to achieve their goals. Examples of famous growth hackers include the use of referral system dropbox, use of airbnb craigslist, and use of Facebook marking. All of these methods depend on the digital properties of the business model to produce more business.

However, the marketing of growth hackers does not remain a domain of these types of digital companies. Approaches and techniques have proven to be very effective so that other companies have employed growth hackers to place methods to work for all types of businesses. Therefore, today you will see a list of jobs for all types of growth hacking positions, even director of growth.

Successful ways in marketing hacker growth

If you are interested in becoming one of these types of marketers, the definition you apply might depend on the work you get and the company where you work. But there is one thing about the hacking of certain growth: being a good growth hacker requires a strong foundation in digital marketing training principles. Yes, you have to analytically on extreme, a thinker outside the box, a risk taker and beginner who are obsessed with results. But you still have to understand the basics of digital marketing to practice growth marketing.

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Hacker growth that focuses on the laser at one job: growth. Therefore, growth hackers pay attention to each stages of the funnel, from awareness and acquisition through activation, retention, income and references. That means growth marketers must know digital marketing through and through, so that they can utilize the channel and the technique when needed to place a growth hacking method to work. Successful growth hackers must:

– Be a solid rock in analytic, so they can find out what is successful and what doesn’t, and adjust tactics in real time.

– Understand all relevant social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

– Know the social media advertising platform and pay-per-click and display ads.

– Feel comfortable with AdWords.

– Know how to use and benefit from Google Analytics.

– Find out how to optimize landing pages and display ads.

– Advanced to do Split A / B tests – and interpret the results.

– Very familiar with the ins and outs of email marketing.

If it is a digital marketing component, growth marketers need to find out.